Highpoint Trip
12-14 June 2006

In June 2006, Dr. Frederick Orson "Fred" Johnson, of Berkeley, CA, visited his cousin Wylie Pierson Johnson in Vestavia Hills, AL. Wylie's son-in-law James Allen Hill joined the party and the three traveled to the highest points in each of three states, Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida. These are their photographs taken during that journey using James' digital camera.

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highpoint_001 highpoint_002 highpoint_003 highpoint_004 highpoint_005
highpoint_001.jpg highpoint_002.jpg highpoint_003.jpg highpoint_004.jpg highpoint_005.jpg
highpoint_006 highpoint_007 highpoint_008 highpoint_009 highpoint_010
highpoint_006.jpg highpoint_007.jpg highpoint_008.jpg highpoint_009.jpg highpoint_010.jpg
highpoint_011 highpoint_012 highpoint_013 highpoint_014 highpoint_015
highpoint_011.jpg highpoint_012.jpg highpoint_013.jpg highpoint_014.jpg highpoint_015.jpg