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.... to Bill & Dorothy Bassett, Julie B. & Charles Hawkins, Dottie B. & Gary Ennis and all the family of Aunt Neva & Uncle Julian [Neva ("Johnnie") Carmichael Johnson & Julian Morris Bassett] for hosting a WONDERFUL 2004 JOHNSON FAMILY REUNION!!

This year's reunion, held at the Fain Community Center in Wetumpka, AL, was a great success. We don't have a head count at this time, but our reunion was so well attended that extra chairs and tables were set up to accommodate all!

It was a glorious day for the runion. The weather was lovely, and it took place exactly on the 104th wedding anniversary of Seth Johnson and Neva Kate Carmichael. They were married on 3 July, 1900, at Coles Station in Macon Co., AL. It was also a time to count our many blessings - a free and democratic nation, a large and loving family, and abundant, delicious food. And speaking of which, we all enjoyed those mouth-watering dishes brought by family members (keep reading to see how you can getmule gif your hands on the recipes... big news!).

Yes, the weather was lovely for the reunion... just right for a MULE RIDE. What?...You heard it right. Judy J. Davis (daughter of Uncle Philip and Aunt Christine Johnson) and her husband Ronnie, brought "Molly", the biggest, sweetest mule you've ever seen, a surrey with the fringe on top, and all the rigging all the way from DeFuniak Springs, FL, for the enjoyment of the entire family. THANK YOU, JUDY AND RONNIE! What fun! Many of the kids - young and old - enjoyed a ride around the park. The highlight was watching Uncle Wylie, Aunt Katie, and Cousin Scrubbie take their turn (pic 1, pic 2, pic 3 - just click your browser's back button to return to this page). They loved it! It especially seemed to bring back fond memories for Cousin Scrubbie (Have you seen the cover of her wonderful book?)

It's always especially nice to see the cousins from far away. David ("Buddy") Glenn Johnson, Jr. (Dave and Vaunita Johnson's eldest son), David, III and wife Frances and their two children came from Richmond, VA. Judy (daughter of Parley Philip and Christine Johnson) and Ronnie Davis came up from DeFuniak Springs, FL. Sharron ("Sha") Starr (daughter of Luke and Shirley Johnson) came from Houston, TX. Wylie P. Johnson and family enjoyed having Sha stay in Birmingham for a few days before coming down for the reunion. Richard and Shirley Brown came from Arlington, VA. Richard is son of Manora Othello Carmichael (Mama Johnson's sister). Also, coming great distance were Jeff (son of Charles and Julie Bassett Hawkins), Alice, Michael and Elizabeth Hawkins who came from Albuquerque, NM! The prize for furthest distance travelled goes to Shannon Murphy, whose dad is Thomas Alan Murphy. Shannon came all the way from Valley Center, CA - WOW!! We really do appreciate the effort made by these sojourning cousins! They showed that even a long distance trip is well worth while to attend the Johnson Reunion, and we all enjoyed so much being with them.

Thanks to all who made family-favorite dishes for the reunion and brought the recipes. These recipes are real family treasures. The great news is that these culinary delights will be compiled for a recipe book par excellence... details later at this web site. If you couldn't come to the reunion or if you forgot to bring your fav recipe, it's not too late! Just send your recipe to:

Melanie Fay Johnson
1991 Shades Crest Road
Birmingham, AL 35216-1429

or e-mail to Melanie at

Questions? Call Melanie at 205 824 - 6618


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