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Thank you to the
Family of Seth and Kathleen VanHoose Johnson
for a wonderful

June 3, 2006

This year's reunion was held at the home place of Seth and Kathleen VanHoose Johnson on Redland Road in Wetumpka. What a beautiful day and a lovely place to celebrate the 100th birthday of Seth Johnson, Jr.! Uncle Wylie (Wylie Pierson Johnson), Aunt Katie (May Nora Johnson Murphy) and Aunt Gene (Laura Gene Burt Johnson) represented the "senior generation," and in all 109 members of four generations of the Johnson family enjoyed this day. Many thanks to the children of Uncle Seth and Aunt Kathleen and their spouses for hosting this year:  Mary Johnson and Jack McGuffey, Doug and Kathy Johnson, Margaret and "Swampy" Johnson, and Nancy Harle Johnson. (Nancy couldn't be there, but was in spirit. She even provided a song book with our very own Johnson family song which she had written!) A special thanks to Doug and Kathy who live at the home place and graciously welcomed all the family.

The children had a marvelous time with fun activities just for them. They enjoyed milking a "Holstein cow" - a cute mock-up that was a delight to all who tried their hands at
it. Old Bessie produced copious amounts of lactose-free water. With a hand-cranked sheller, the children shelled plenty of dried corn into a wooden trough . Baby squirrels couldn't have been happier than those children playing in the fruits (kernels?) of their effort. To go along with Uncle Seth's birthday cake, they also enjoyed making an icy treat at the snowcone machine.

It was a most pleasant day for the adults, too. Uncle Seth and Aunt Kathleen's family provided an extra large tent and long, home-crafted tables for the always delicious and bountiful food. That included tender, mouth-watering chicken, pork and beef barbeque provided by the Seth Johnson, Jr. family!
It was an unusually mild summer day, and the 100-year old pecan trees provided cool shade in the orchard for the family diners. A breeze blew much of the time. As always at this event, many memories and family stories were shared, especially about Uncle Seth and Aunt Kathleen. These conversation flowed easily around the table set with family photographs. Uncle Seth's portaits were, of course, the feature attraction!

Our Johnson family members donated $1000.00 at this year's reunion to the 
Seth Johnson School Library Fund! This money is appreciated more than you can imagine by the school that carries the name of Grandfather Seth Johnson. The enhanced reading opportunity made possible by your gifts will make a big difference in the education of these children. And the books you are providing could spark a life-long love of reading. After all, a favorite new book is like a found treasure! Thank you so much for your most generous donations.

If you'd like to re-live the reunion (or just see what you missed!), please have a look at the picture albums linked below. Would you share your family reunion pictures with us? If so, please send them to Jean Johnson
via e-mail to or via "snail-mail" to her at 3716 Old Leeds Rd., Birmingham, AL  35213. Mailed hard copies of pictures will be returned to you. (Don't forget to include your address!). Or, if you already have the pictures posted to a web site, just e-mail the link to Jean.

Thanks again to Doug and Kathy, Mary and Jack, Margaret and "Swampy", and Nancy for a delightful Johnson Family Reunion 2006! We are truly blessed with a wonderful family!

Johnson Reunion 2006 Photos

From Cheryl Cummings

From Jean Johnson

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