19 June 2009

Here’s the latest on Jeanne Susanne Yancey from her son Thomas Benjamin “Ben” Yancey following her back surgery on 2 June 2009.

All is good,  she went in and had her operation.  They went in and removed the damaged area.  That was 2 weeks ago, yesterday she went back for her follow up and the Doc gave he the All Clear.  ...


15 June 2009

Hey Everyone!!

Well, Mama has been at the Rehab Facility for 2 weeks now & has adjusted pretty well. The Physical Therapist has been getting her up on a daily basis & even let her roam the hallways on her own in a motorized wheelchair the other day. ... Read More...

6 June 2009

Mama - 6wk update!!

Hi All! Hope everyone is having a good Saturday.

Mama has now been at the Rehab Facility 1 wk yesterday. She seems to be adjusting well to being there. She really likes the physical therapist & looks forward to sessions each day. .... Read More...

Jeanne Yancey

Jeanne Susanne Johnson Yancey underwent back surgery yesterday, 2 June 2009, at the Mobile Infirmary. She had surgery to correct a bad disc. ... Read More...