30 September 2009

We received a message on 30 September 2009, from cousin Gary Morgan Ennis that his mother, Neva Miriam Scruggs “Scrubbie” Ennis has been in very ill health recently. In his message....

Mother had an "event" around Labor Day which put her in the hospital for about three days. The doctor on duty told me that she had a 'heart attack'. In any case she is back in Fidelia Eckerd Living Center and doing fairly well but certainly not as well as before.

She has both good and not so good days and she is still clear about most things but her time here seems to me to be ebbing away. And she is not in any pain for which I'm thankful.

Jeanne Suzanne and Tom Yancey came up to visit last week and Mother very much enjoyed their time together.


28 September 2009

Following is the latest update on the condition of Josephine “Josie” Rountree from Tana Rountree (her daughter). As you may recall, Josie was diagnosed in April, 2009 as having cancer. Tana has been kind enough to keep the family informed about her mother over the last months. See all of those posts here. Josie is the daughter of Joseph Nathaniel and Dorothy Dixson Johnson O'Brien (Uncle "Joe" and Aunt "Dot").

Not really sure where to start, but here it goes. Hospice has been called in to begin caring for Mama. It appears that during the last week, Mama has started to make a turn for the worse. The hospice nurse talked with Scottie & me & then spent some time with Mama. Afterwards Scottie visited with Mama & she told him that she's not afraid anymore, that the way she is living now is no way to live. She is finally at peace with things.

Please keep her in your prayers, especially now as we go into the final stages of the illness.

I'm sorry to say that this is the last update that I will be sending.

Please just keep her in your prayers!!

Tana, Scottie, & family

Tana, we certainly will keep your mother in our prayers. Family members can send their messages of caring and love to Josie’s home and the family will see that she gets the mail:

Josephine Rountree
2810 Belmont Dr.
Ocean Springs, MS 39564

Send email to Tana at:

4 September 2009

IMG_4344_9_1.sm Little Emily Barrett has been through it for the past 5 days. You may recall that back in April, 2009, Emily was diagnosed with Cyclic Neutropenia which is a form of chronic neutropenia which tends to occur every three weeks. Last Friday, 31 August Emily was diagnosed with Streptococcus Pneumoniae and later with Peri-Orbital Cellulitis. Read on for all the details of the ordeal that this little angel has been through this week.... Read More...