Mastin, Belinda Joyce "Lindy" O'Brien

6 February 2010

We have an update on the progress of "Lindy" O'Brien Mastin from her mother, Joyce O’Brien. Lindy broke her knee while attending the memorial service for her Aunt Josephine “Josie” Pierson O’Brien Rountree on 13 October 2009. Joyce reports that Lindy’s knee has healed and that she is trying to get back to normal activities. Keep on with that rehab, Lindy! This is great news!

Joyce shared another wonderful bit of family news, the birth of a new great-grandson, Zachary Lee Huddleston, born 29 January 2010 in Auburn, Lee County, AL to her granddaughter Neva Borders Huddleston and husband Brian. Congratulations! See the photos of Zachary Lee, too! Read More...