Laurida Emily Albritton Neva Caroline Albritton Seth Nancy Lillian Johnson Margie Helen Albritton Dave Johnson Walter Matthew Albritton, Sr. Mary Larkin Johnson Brockway Pierson Seth Jonson, Jr. Caroline Johnson Albritton Emily Fay Johnson Ethridge Veder Sadie Grace Coleman Calmes Pearl Wall Johnson Seth Johnson, Sr.

Johnson Family Photo
"The Laurels", Christmas Day, 1939

(Probable location and date)
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Wylie Pierson Johnson (Uncle Wylie) describes this photo thus,

Based on the size of Laurida [Laurida Emily Albritton, lower left] b. 22 April 1938, I think the picture was taken at The Laurels, in the winter of 1939-1940....Papa always went over to Uncle Dave's for eggnog on Christmas day. I suspect this picture was taken on such an occasion.

The photo shown here was taken by May Ridolphi Herron of a family photo (the "original" photo) on display at the Johnson Family Reunion on 4 July 2009 at Hunter Hills Church of Christ in Prattville, AL. That reunion was hosted by the family of May Nora Johnson Murphy (Aunt Katie).

In email correspondence with Uncle Wylie, David Glenn (Dave, Jr., Buddy) Johnson, Jr., shared this memory:

I remember Seth III spending a few days with our family at Hardaway. Dave and Vaunita Johnson had gone shopping in Montgomery ( we Seth III and I ) were supposed to be hoeing corn in the middle field north of the railroad, but we ( Seth III , Marguerite and I ) played softball and went seining for bream in the ditch between the Red Dam Pond and the house. We made the seine out of burlap bags tied to two poles. When my father ( Dave) and Mother returned from Montgomery, he asked us how far we got in the corn field? We were muddy and told him a story. He asked us to go get a switch ( we trimmed the leaves) and with the first few licks the limb broke. He was upset and got a larger limb and wore us out. On another time my Father had loaned Uncle Seth a case tractor and Seth III had come with the driver. Seth III drove the tractor down to the foot of hill very fast and my Father was very upset. Seth III was a brave young boy. I enjoyed seeing his picture.

Thank you, Aunt Katie and family, for displaying the original photograph. Thank you, May, for sharing this photo copy, and thank you, Uncle Wylie, for sharing your knowledge about it. Thanks also, Dave, Jr. for giving permission to share your memories of Seth, III and some childhood mischief! :-)