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Margie Ann Lough to graduate from Creekview High School in Ball Ground, GA
May 22, 2009
Creekview High School CrestMargie Ann Lough, daughter of Brian Keith and Neva Lillian Flomer Lough, will graduate from Creekview High School on Friday, 29 May 2009 in Ball Ground, GA. Margie Ann is the granddaughter of John Robert and Margie Helen Albritton Flomer and great-granddaughter of Walter Matthew and Caroline Johnson Albritton (Uncle Walter and Aunt Caroline).

Congratulations, Margie Ann! We wish you the best of luck following graduations. Family members can send their love and congratulations to:
    Margie Ann Lough
    650 Northwoods Dr.
    Ball Ground, GA  30107
Mary Elizabeth Bush to graduate from Pensacola High School

May 22, 2009

Mary Elizabeth Bush jpgOn Thursday, 28 May 2009, Mary Elizabeth Bush will graduate from Pensacola High School International Baccalaureate. In the Fall, Mary Elizabeth will attend Washington & Lee University in Lexington, VA. She was awarded a full scholarship to the university.

Mary Elizabeth is the daughter of  Gregory "Greg" Eugene and Dr.Suzanne Hubbard Yancey Bush, granddaughter of Dr. Thomas Hubbard and Jeanne Susanne Johnson Yancey and great-granddaughter of David Glenn and Vaunita Oswald Johnson (Uncle Dave and Aunt Vaunita).

Good luck to you at W & L, Mary Elizabeth! We are very proud of you! Family members may send their love and congratulations to:
    Mary Elizabeth Bush
    1750 Yates Ave.
    Pensacola, FL  32503

Johnson Family Members invited to attend the Johnson Family Reunion in Elliott, Iowa
May 22, 2009
The Iowa roots of our Johnson Family are still deep and strong! Every year they continue the tradition of holding their own Johnson Family, and, as always, they have graciously invited all their Alabama (and beyond) cousins to join them in this annual family celebration on Sunday, June 14. Please see the invitation below and consider the visit. They always warmly welcome their Deep South cousins!

Johnson Family Reunion 2009 - Elliott, Iowa

Amanda Berkstresser to undergo heart surgery
May 20, 2009

Amanda Berkstresser, wife of James "Jim Bo" Berkstresser, got the unfortunate news that she will need to have surgery in the next few days to implant a heart defibrulator. Please see the Johnson Health Report blog for a full report on Amanda's situation. Jim Bo is the son of Laurida Emily Albritton Berkstresser and a grandson of Walter and Caroline Johnson Albritton (Uncle Walter and Aunt Caroline).

Amanda, we will be thinking about you in the coming days. Hope all goes very well! Family can send get well wishes to Amanda at charleneb225(at)elmore(dot)rr(dot)com
Jeremy and Elizabeth Johnson expecting
May 19, 2009

We were delighted to receive a message from Jeremy and Elizabeth Johnson that they are expecting their first child in mid-September. They will name her Taylor Mackenzie. Jeremy is the grandson of Gene and the late C. Mac Johnson (Aunt Gene and Uncle Mac).

Family members can keep in touch with Jeremy and Elizabeth by snail mail, phone, or email:
3775 Adams Place
Millbrook, AL  36054
Phone:  334 290-3850
Email:  ejohnson(at)alabamawildlife(dot)org

Good luck to you, Jeremy and Elizabeth. We wish you the best. Let us know when the big day comes in September!
Josephine "Josie" O'Brien Rountree in poor health
May 14, 2009
We are sad to hear that Josephine "Josie" Pierson O'Brien Rountree has been diagnosed with cancer. Her daughter Tana Lynn Rountree has been very good about keeping family members up to date on her mother's health status. We thought we would share those messages with you here as we receive them in this Health Report.

Josie is the daughter of Joseph Nathaniel and Dorothy Dixson Johnson O'Brien (Uncle Joe and Aunt "Dot").

Please keep Josie in your thoughts and parayers as she continues to fight this foe. Send your love and get well wishes to:

Josephine Rountree
2810 Belmont Dr.
Ocean Springs, MS  39564

We are praying for your recovery, Josie. And as Tana requests, we will, "get the Johnson prayer chain going!!"
Welcome, Chloe Elizabeth Zeepuga Hill!
April 17, 2009

Chloe Elizabeth Zeepuga Hill jpgOn 22 March 2009, Chloe Elizabeth Zeepuga Hill was born to James Daniel and Amandiy Hill at Cooper Green Hospital in Birmingham, AL. This sweet baby girl is Daniel and Amandiy's first child. As you can see, Chloe, just a few hours old at right, is healthy and doing very well! Click here for a larger photo.

Chloe is the granddaughter of James Allen and Barbara Lurene "Bobbie" Johnson Hill and great-granddaughter of Wylie Pierson and Lurene Hall Johnson (Uncle Wylie and Aunt "Dolly").

Welcome, little Chloe! Family members can send cards of love and congratulations to Daniel and Amandiy at 1113 Greensprings Avenue South, Birmingham, AL  35205.
Military Family of Parley Philip, Jr. and Callie Johnson safe at home in the United States
April 10, 2009

March was a wonderful time for homecomings and reunions in the Parley Philip Johnson, Jr. family! Luke McIntyre Johnson was able to visit on a few days leave from Camp Pendleton, CA with his father and mother, Parley P. Jr. and Callie, in DeFuniak Springs, FL. Luke returned to Camp Pendleton with his dad to greet brother/son Parley Philip ("Tracy") Johnson, III on 18 March on his safe homecoming from Iraq. Tracy had been in Iraq since August, 2008! It was a great reunion for Tracy and Luke, especially, since the brothers had not seen each other since Luke went to boot camp in 2006 (and later to Okinawa, Japan).

Also, Callie Elizabeth "Beth" Johnson Graham welcomed her husband Joey home at MCAS New River, NC on 24 March after his service in Iraq! Beth is the daughter of Parley P. Jr. and Callie Johnson and sister of Luke and Tracy. Beth and son Kaden lived in FL with the family while Joey was in Iraq. In early March, Luke and Parley P., Jr. took their sister/daughter to Camp LeJune so that she could prepare for Joey's arrival. Beth, Kaden and Joey's parents were there for the wonderful homecoming.

So now, at long last and thankfully, all of Parley P., Jr. and Callie's children are safely back in the United States. They remain in service in the United States Marines. Parley, Jr. reports, "Luke is now with the 1st Marine Division at Camp Horno, located on Camp Pendleton, CA. Tracy returns to his duties at the 1st Marine Logistics Group at Camp Del Mar Beach, also located on Camp Pendleton." Joey Graham, with Beth and Kaden, is stationed in Camp LeJune, NC.

Parley Philip Johnson, Jr. is the son of Parley Philip, Sr. and Edith Christine Fail Johnson (Uncle Philip and Aunt Christine). Parley and Callie are doing well. Callie is still working, and Parley is retired from his work at Ft. Rucker. He is looking forward to spring turkey season!

Welcome home, Tracy and Joey! And thank you all once again for your sacrifice and service to our country! Family members, you can send messages of thanksgiving and congratulations to Parley and Callie to parley(at)fairpoint(dot)net. You can write to Luke at depths_of_oblivion(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Carrie Nicole Berkstresser picked as a People to People Australia Boomerang Ambassador
March 4, 2009

Congratulations to Carrie Nicole Berkstresser for being chosen as a student ambassador in the People to People Australia Boomerang Program. She will visit Australia this summer to learn about that country's government, people, and cultural history and to share that knowledge when she returns home to Deatsville, AL. Carrie B. needs the family's help, though, to make this great journey. Any assistance would be appreciated! 

Carrie is the daughter of Richard Kyle (Jr.) and Leigh Ann Lewis Berkstresser, granddaughter of Richard Kyle and Laurida Emily Albritton Berkstresser, and great-granddaughter of Walter Matthew and Caroline Johnson Albritton (Uncle Walter and Aunt Caroline).

For more information, read Carrie B.'s letter below. Also, here is a wonderful Power Point presentation that she created herself about her trip
a while back to California. Check it out!

Again, congratulations, Carrie! We know you will represent your state and your family well in Australia!

Carrie Nicole Berkstresser jpgDear Family & Friends,

I was recently recommended and accepted to participate as a student ambassador for Alabama in the People to People Australia Boomerang Program this summer from June 6th through 22nd. During this seventeen day adventure I will visit Sydney, Canberra, Darwin and Cairns. Activities will include visits to the Sydney Opera House and the New Parliament House to learn about their system of government and political history. I will also go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, be part of an outdoor service project, visit with local Aboriginal people, and explore museums and national parks in the Australian outback and wilderness. I will have the opportunity to spend two nights with an Australian family and actually go to school with students from the family.

I am currently asking my family and friends for financial sponsorship to help me with tuition, and I hope I can count on your support. President Dwight D. Eisenhower founded People to People in 1956. He believed that if people from different cultures could come together in peace and friendship, so eventually would nations. I have also been endorsed and recommended for this trip by Governor Bob Riley.

People to People student ambassadors are carefully evaluated before their acceptance into the program. I am an honor student in the 8th grade at Holtville Middle School. My family and I are active members of Mt. Hebron Baptist Church and I am an active member of the youth group participating in many mission projects and activities. I am also an assistant to the Wednesday night Mission Friends program. I am excited to share my experience with my peers, family, and friends when I return. As a student leader I can earn high school credit because of the many educational elements in my program.

The program tuition is $7239 which includes meals, transportation, accommodations, and educational activities. Is it possible for you to assist me by making a contribution?

Please show your support by sending a donation to Carrie Berkstresser at 316 Lewis Road, Deatsville, AL 36022. If you have any questions please call 334-569-0910. Thank you in advance for your gracious consideration and support.

Sincerely yours,

Carrie Nicole Berkstresser
Student Ambassador
Walter Albritton, Jr. recovering from cataract surgery
March 4, 2009

We're happy to report that Walter Albritton is reovering nicely from cataract surgery on his right eye. On Feb. 22, in his weekly column "Altar Call" featured in the Opelika-Auburn News, Walter focused (pardon the pun) on his experience through this medical procedure. In that week's column, entitled "Another old man qualified to talk about his cataract surgery", Walter wrote "My surgery last week went as smoothly as the good doctor had promised." He hopes to have the same surgery on his left eye soon.

Walter Matthew Albritton, Jr. is the eldest child of Walter Matthew and Caroline Johnson Albritton (Uncle Walter and Aunt Caroline).

This is wonderful news, Walter. We're all wishing you a very complete and speedy recovery! Family members can send get well wishes to him at 289 Leigh Avenue, Wetumpka, AL  36093 or send email to him at: walbritton(at)elmore(dot)rr(dot)com
Gloria Alexandra Johnson Named SEC Gymnastics Freshman of the Week for Her Performance in LSU Victory over Alabama
...and again the next week! 
February 17, 2009
Update March 4, 2009
See the UPDATE below.

Gloria Johnson was a shining star on the Louisiana State University Gymnastics Team on Friday night, February 13, as the Tigers defeated the Crimson Tide at Coleman Coliseum in Tuscaloosa. Her best routine of the evening was on balance beam where she scored a career-high 9.825. For her brilliant overall performance, Gloria was named SEC Freshman of the Week in Women's Gymnastics!

This was a high-stakes match-up. At the time, Alabama was ranked No. 5 and LSU was ranked No. 11 in national rankings. This was only the second time that LSU had won against Alabama and the first time since 1976. Gloria came through for her team and for her university.

As you may recall, Gloria is at LSU on a full scholarship in gymnastics. See this story on the Johnson Family website. Read more about Gloria's award and the LSU victory here. (You can read about this and all of the LSU Women's Gymanstics program here.) If you are in Louisiana, "Cox Sports Television... [will] re-broadcast the LSU/Alabama gym meet ...Thursday [2/19/09] at 9:00 p.m. Central Time on cable systems that carry Cox Sports Television. In Baton Rouge, that's Channel 37." (We'll check to see if there is a re-broadcast scheduled in Alabama.)

Gloria Alexandra Johnson is the daughter of Seth James ("Jimmy") and Isadora ("Dora")
Risquet Johnson and the
granddaughter of Orson Alexander and Iberia Louise Pierce Johnson (Uncle "Pete" and Aunt Louise).

We are very proud of you, Gloria! Family members may send congratulations to her at father Jimmy Johnson's email address, SJohnson(at)agcenter(dot)lsu(dot)edu.

UPDATE! Gloria earned SEC Freshman Gymnast of the week for the second week in a row! Click on the site below for the story with picture.
Christmas News from Don and Tami Sellers
December 29, 2008

Rylan Everett Carmichael Sellers, age 2So much has happened in the lives of Don and Tami Sellers (Donald Everett and Tamara Liane Dawson Sellers) since we posted the news in August, 2005 of Don's training and deployment to Iraq. One great piece of news is the birth of their son, Rylan Everett Carmichael Sellers, now age 2, pictured at right. Click the photo to see more pictures of Rylan and his family. Read on for all the news sent by Tami.

Don returned home from Iraq safe and sound in March of 2006. He spent the summer training at Fort Carson in Colorado. On November 24th, 2006 we were blessed by the early arrival of Rylan Everett Carmichael Sellers. He was born at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs, CO. He weighed 6 lbs 9 oz and was 18 1/2 inches long.

In March of 2007 we were moved to Fort Eustis, VA. It is a much smaller duty station, but we are close to the Jamestown Historic Triangle. There is so much history here.

In January 2008 Don was deployed on a USARSO Mission. He spent seven months in the Caribbean/ Cuba area. While on mission he  was promoted to Sergeant. He came home in July and we have been spending the last several months finally being a family. He will be serving as an Armorour.

Rylan is the grandson of James Mills "Jim" and Katheryn Irene "Kit" Tillery Sellers, great-grandson of Emily Katheryn Veder Tillery, and great-great-grandson of Henry Paul and Emily Fay Johnson Veder (Uncle Paul and Aunt Emily Fay). Tami sent several more cute photos of Rylan. Although belated, welcome home, Don! We are thankful for your safe return and thank you for your service to our country.

Family members can write to Don and Tami at tds3278(at)hotmail(dot)com.
Christmas News from Andy & Terry Johnson
December 29, 2008

Amber Louise Johnson, Christmas 2008
We received some cute Christmas photos from Andy and Terry Johnson (Orson Alexander "Andy" (III) and  Terry Diane Norsworthy Johnson) of their little girl, Amber Louise, pictured right. She was ready for Santa Claus to come soon! Here's a note from Mom, Terry, about 11 Dec. 2008...

Andy and I are doing great and trying to get ready for Christmas.  It won’t be long now.  Here are a few pictures of Amber I thought you might like to see.  She is growing and learning more and more everyday.  She keeps us busy.

Seems like just yesterday when we posted the news of Amber's birth in 2006! Amber Louise is the granddaughter of Orson Alexander "Alex" Johnson, Jr. and his first wife, Brenda Fay Talley and great-granddaughter of Orson Alexander "Pete" and Iberia Louise Pierce Johnson (Uncle Pete and Aunt Louise). Terry also has two sons, Jason Corey Smitherman and Douglas "Doug" Eugene Smitherman, Jr..

See all of Amber's Christmas photos here.
UPDATE to the Johnson Family Reunion 2008
November 24, 2008

Many more photos have been added
. Collection now includes photos from Neva Williams, Craig Wiegand, Parley Johnson, Dottie & Gary Ennis. Photos on display at the reunion are posted. We're working on getting the video presentation about David Glenn Johnson, Sr. (Uncle Dave) posted, also. (Having a little tech problem because it's a pretty large file! Hopefully....)

See the Family Reunion 2008 photos here.
Veterans' Day 2008
November 23, 2008

Johnson Family, Birmingham Veterans' Day Parade 2008Veterans' Day 2008 in Birmingham was a day to remember, honor and give thanks. Members of the Seth and Neva Carmichael Johnson family were honored to salute the veterans who have sacrificed so much to defend our freedoms and continue to do so to this day.  Under a crystal blue Fall sky, the family rode in the Veterans’ Day Parade in a wagon drawn by a beautiful black Percheron mare, “Mary”, owned and driven by Joe Bullard and his Uncle Ottis Massey, both of Blountsville, AL, and proud veterans themselves. Mary, a giant of a draft horse standing 18 hands high and weighing in at 2000 pounds, was quite a site and drew many “ooohs” from the onlookers. The wagon was festooned with stars-and-bars bunting and displayed large banners on either side that announced, “The Johnsons, family members served in the Revolutionary War and all wars since. We salute our fellow veterans.”

Johnson Family members riding in the parade wagon were Wylie Pierson Johnson (our Uncle Wylie, U. S. Navy Veteran of World War II) and his daughter Melanie Fay Johnson, Judy Nora Johnson Davis (daughter of our Uncle Parley Philip Johnson, Sr.) and her husband Ronnie (Veteran of the U. S. Coast Guard), Orson Lucius “Pete” Johnson (U. S. Army Veteran of the Vietnam War) and wife Jean Williams Johnson and their granddaughter Natalie Celeste Johnson (daughter of David Hayes Johnson). See the photos.

Thank you very much, Judy and Ronnie, for coming up from DeFuniak Springs, FL and arranging to bring Mary and the wagon to Birmingham. It was a wonderful and memorable day in so many ways!

See photos of the parade here.
Welcome, Breanna Ava Eggers!
November 16, 2008
Breanna Ava and mother, Kelley Diane Blair Eggers
Newborn Breanna Ava and her mother, Kelley Diane Blair Eggers
Breanna Ava Eggers, 1 week old
Breanna Ava Eggers, age 1 week
Edith Christine Fail Johnson with Great Granddaughter Breanna Ava Eggers, age 5 weeks.
Edith Christine Fail Johnson with great granddaughter Breanna Ava Eggers, age 5 weeks
Click on a photo above to enlarge it.
Click here to see more photos.
Back in October, 2008, we received some wonderful news from Parley Philip Johnson, Jr.. Here is the message announcing the birth of his great-niece:

Miss Breanna Ava Eggers was born 8Sep08 @ 9:08PM in Montgomery , AL She is the daughter of Kelley Diane nee “Blair” Eggers and her husband Mike Eggers. Breanna weighed in at 4lbs but at one month old today she weighs 6 lbs 15 oz. Baby and Mom doing fine, but the new Mom’s blood pressure needs to calm down a little.   Kelley is an auditor with the State of Alabama and Mike is an electronics tech and works with the City of Montgomery keeping all the street lights in working order..   Kelley is the daughter of Carol Blair ( Carol recently retired from Senate Accounting Dept, State of ALABAMA ) and the granddaughter of Uncle Philip and Aunt Christine.

Welcome, Breanna Ava! Family members, send your congratulations to Kelley and Mike to Kelley's  Uncle Parley via email to parley(at)fairpoint(dot)net (or ask Parley to send you direct correspondence info for Kelley and Mike).
Margaret Emily Berkstresser weds Dr. Keith Krawczynski in Wetumpka
September 17, 2008
Keith and Margaret Emily "Gigi" Berkstresser Krawczynski and Margie Helen Albritton FlomerKeith and Margaret Emily "Gigi" Berkstresser KrawczynskiKeith and Margaret Emily "Gigi" Berkstresser Krawczynski

We are pleased to announce that on Monday, 15 September 2008, Margaret Emily Berkstresser and Dr. Keith Krawczynski were married in Wetumpka, AL. Margaret's Aunt Margie Helen Albritton Flomer, pictured above, attended the ceremony and served as a witness for her niece. Hopefully, many of you met Keith at the Johnson Family Reunion in August. Margaret ("Gigi") is the daughter of Laurida Emily Albritton Berkstresser and granddaughter of Walter Matthew and Caroline Johnson Albritton (Uncle Walter and Aunt Caroline). The newly-weds will reside in Montgomery. Their address is:

Dr. and Mrs. Keith Krawczynski
3049 Cloverdale Road
Montgomery, AL  36106

Welcome to the family, Keith, and congratulations and best wishes to both of you!
David Glenn Johnson is remembered at the 2008 Johnson Family Reunion
August 18, 2008
UPDATE November 24, 2008

David Glenn Johnson, Sr. is remembered at the 2008 Johnson Family Reunion

Thank you one and all to those of you who attended the Johnson Family Reunion at the Seth Johnson Elementary School! (We are so sorry that some of you could not attend. We missed you!) We had a most enjoyable celebration of the 100th anniversary of David Glenn Johnson's (Uncle "Dave") birth. Mouth-watering dishes prepared by Johnson family members were enjoyed at lunch. We were conducted on a wonderful tour of the Seth Johnson School Library and saw the very impressive array of books made possible by family donations. There was a photo display of the Dave and Vaunita Johnson Family, and we were touched by a video presentation by David Glenn Johnson, Jr. as he  recalled the life and legacy of his father.

The "Johnson Family Recipes" cookbook was published at long last and copies were provided by Wylie Pierson Johnson to all grandchildren of Seth and Neva Kate Carmichael Johnson. Uncle Wylie will also soon be mailing out copies of the cookbook to the grandchildren who were unable to attend the reunion (and who didn not have a family member there to pick one up for them).
Thank you very much, Uncle Wylie, for providing this wonderful family heirloom to all your nieces and nephews. He's even going the extra mile to make sure they are received! For those of you who want more copies, we will post ordering information here soon.

Reunion Photos are posted! Please share yours.

We have some great photos of the reunion for you to see. Neva Caroline Albritton Williams, daughter of Walter Matthew and Caroline Johnson Albritton (Uncle Walter and Aunt Caroline) sent a link to a great set of captioned photos. Also, Craig Wiegand, husband of Vaunita Marguerite Johnson Wiegand, daughter of David Glenn and Vaunita Marguerite Opal Oswald Johnson (Uncle Dave and Aunt Vaunita), sent some of reunion preparation, reunion celebration, and a post-reunion family excursion to the Alabama Shakespeare Festival Theatre. We also have all those wonderful photos of the Dave and Vaunita Johnson family that you saw on display at the reunion.

UPDATE 24 NOV. 2008 - even more photos added
from Parley Philip Johnson, Jr., son of Parley Philip, Sr. and Christine Fail Johnson (Uncle Philip and Aunt Christine), and from Dottie & Gary Ennis. Dottie is daughter of Julian Morris and Neva Carmichael Johnson Bassett (Uncle Julian and Aunt "Johnnie"). We're working on getting the video presentation about David Glenn Johnson, Sr. (Uncle Dave) posted, also. (Having a little tech problem because it's a pretty large file! Hopefully....)

Thanks to one and all for sharing.
 See all the photos here.

Do you have pictures of this year's reunion? Would you share? Please send to johnsonreunion(at)brooknet(dot)com or mail to:
    Jean Johnson
    3716 Old Leeds Rd.
    Birmingham, AL  35213

Thank you!! 
Wylie Charles Murphy passes
July 6, 2008

Wylie Charles MurphyWe are saddened to report that Wylie Charles "Charlie" Murphy passed away in the afternoon of Saturday, 5 July 2008, at the Prattville Baptist Hospital. Wylie Charles' first cousin Rev. Walter Albritton, Jr. will officate. Born 12 April 1958, Charlie was 50 years old. Charlie was the fifth child of John Gribbin "Johnny" and May Nora "Katie" Johnson Murphy (Uncle Johnny and Aunt Katie). The memorial service will be held in Prattville, AL at the Hunter Hills Church of Christ on Tuesday, 8 July 2008, at 6:00 P.M.. Hunter Hills Church of Christ is located in Prattville, AL west Interstate I-65 Exit 181, about 10 miles north of Montgomery. Click here for a map.

Charlie is pictured at right as a Boy Scout on 8 March 1970.

We send our deepest sympathy and love to Aunt Katie and all of her family. Please keep them in your prayers. Letters and cards may be sent to Aunt Katie at this address:
    Mrs. Katie Murphy
    908 Judkins Road
    Cecil, AL  36013

Obituary of Wylie Charles "Charlie" Murphy
Published 8 July 2008, Montgomery Advertiser
Bob and Betty Wells Baker celebrate 56 years of marriage
July 6, 2008

Robert Leonard "Bob" and Betty Lois Baker WellsOn 29 May 1952, Betty Lois Baker was wed to Robert Leonard Wells. They recently celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary! Congratulations, Bob and Betty!

Betty is our cousin through the Summers and Beavers progenitors of Grandmother Neva Kate Carmichael Johnson. Betty is the daughter of Iva Lois Pucket Baker, granddaughter of Alura Elizabeth "Lizzie" Summers Pucket, gr-granddaughter of William Franklin Summers, gr-gr-granddaughter of our common ancestors, Elias E. and Elizabeth Beavers Summers. Grandmother Johnson was daughter of Manora Alzada Summers Carmichael and granddaughter of Elias and Elizabeth Beavers Summers. 

Wylie Pierson Johnson (
Betty's 2nd cousin - once removed and our Uncle Wylie) recalls that Betty's grandmother, Lizzie Summers, and his mother, Neva Kate Johnson (our Grandmother Johnson), were close friends. Lizzie was raised by her grandparents (Elias and Elizabeth Summers who were also Neva Kate's grandparents). Lizzie's mother died in the same year that Lizzie was born.
Again, congratulations, Bob and Betty.
May you have many more years to love and honor each other.
A wonderful wedding celebration in Houston for Kari Starr and David Beck
August 23, 2008

Wedding of Karrera Irene “Kari” Star and David Wilson Beck, III and the B'ham family members who attended.UPDATE! Sharon Johnson Starr, mother of the bride, attended the 2008 Johnson Family Reunion at the Seth Johnson Elementary School on 16 August 2008. It was great to see Sha, AND she brought this lovely photo (see at right and click for enlarged photo) of the May 17 wedding of Kari and David! The photo is of (L to R) Jean Williams Johnson and husband Orson Lucius "Pete" Johnson, Sharon "Sha" Johnson Starr, bride Karrera Irene “Kari” Starr and groom David Wilson Beck, III, Melanie Fay Johnson, and her father Wylie Pierson Johnson (Sha's Uncle Wylie and Kari's great-uncle). Thank you, Sha! What a wonderful wedding it was in Houston. If you haven't already, read below about the event and the fun time had by all in Houston!

June 6, 2008

As reported previously, on 17 May, 2008, Karrera Irene “Kari” Starr married David Wilson Beck, III at the Church of St. John the Divine in Houston, TX. It was a wonderful occasion for celebration and an opportunity to visit among three branches of the Seth and Neva Carmichael Johnson families. Kari is the daughter of Sharon Johnson Starr and granddaughter of Luke and Shirley Roach Johnson (Uncle Luke and Aunt Shirley). Wylie Pierson Johnson (Uncle Wylie) and his daughter Melanie Fay Johnson came from Birmingham. Also coming from Birmingham were Orson Lucius “Pete” and Mary Jean Johnson. Pete is the son of David Glenn and Vaunita Oswald Johnson.

Johnson family members at Houston wedding brunch (following wedding of Kari Starr & David Beck).We have some pictures posted here of a lovely "going away" brunch hosted by Marianne & Carter Crain (friends of the family), Julia Thompson (friend of the family) and Shirley Johnson (Kari’s aunt and Sha’s twin sister) and her husband, Norm Chanin. The photo at right, taken at the brunch, is an example. Pictured, left to right, are David and Kari Beck (the groom and bride), Sharon "Sha" Starr (mother of the bride), Melanie Fay Johnson (Sha's & Shirley's 1st cousin), Pete Johnson (another 1st cousn to Sha and Shirley), and Shirley Johnson (Sha's twin sister, aunt of the bride). Click to see  enlarged photo. Uncle Wylie and Melanie Fay had to return to Birmingham following the brunch, but Pete and Jean stayed on a few days to see the sights, visit the court, and enjoy the company of the extensive Johnson family making their home in Houston. Visit the photo page to read more about this wonderful weekend and the days following and to see pictures of all. We don't have pictures of the wedding yet, but we hope to have those posted soon, also. Stay tuned! Uncle Wylie, Melanie Fay, Pete and Jean wish to thank our Houston Johnson family members for their very gracious hospitality! Read all about it on the photo page!
News from the Parley P. Johnson, Jr. family
June 4, 2008

Parley Philip Johnson, Jr., son of Parley Philip and Christine Fail Johnson (Uncle Philip and Aunt Christine), had much to share with us recently about this active military family. Parley and wife Callie Gail Pickeron Johnson have two sons, Parley Philip, III and Luke McIntyre, and one daughter, Callie Elizabeth. Parley writes,

Parley Philip III (CPL USMC) is coming home for a few days leave from 11 June - 1 July. I am to pick him up in Atlanta, GA at the airport.. He just completed his Associate of Arts Degree thru night school with the University of Central Texas. Parley III is scheduled to redeploy to IRAQ in August.

Luke McIntyre (CPL USMC) is in the Philippine Islands on temporary duty assignment thru Sept this year. He is scheduled to rotate back to the continental US mainland in February 2009 (next year) after he completes his 2 year tour of duty with the 12th Marines in Okinawa Japan.

Both of my Marines are doing great.

Our daughter Callie Elizabeth and grandson Kaden are scheduled to come home in August this year while our son-in-law Joey Graham (CPL USMC) is deployed for a 7 month cruise with the NAVY. Callie Elizabeth is actively seeking education & employment in the medical field. Presently she is working at the Onslow County Hospital in Jacksonville, NC as a Medical Technician ( patient transporter).

My wife, Callie Gail and I are working full time jobs and spending our free time fixin up our little 13 acre patch down here on US Highway 331 in NW Florida.

The US ARMY has granted an opportunity for early retirement from civil service here at Ft. Rucker. If approved, I plan to retire on 30 Sept 2008.

Parley and Callie Gail, you must be very proud of your children! We send you best wishes for your well-deserved retirement. And we will be praying for all your family as they serve our country with honor and distinction. We look forward to seeing you all at the Family Reunion on August 16. Meantime, Extended Johnson Family, please send your thoughts and prayers to Parley and Callie Gail at parleypjr(at)aol(dot)com!
Tana Rountree sings at the Imperial Palace in Biloxi, MS
May 11, 2008

Tana Rountree and family jpgAs we reported last month, Tana Rountree asked for the family's good luck and best wishes for her pending singing performance on April 23 in a talent competition at the Imperial Palace in Biloxi, MS. Not only were we thinking of her, but she also had cousins there to cheer her on in person! In this picture, left to right are Tana's daughter, Brandi Rountree, Tana Rountree, Terri Murphy O'Neal, & Terri's daughter, Leigh Anne Collier.

Tana is the daughter of John Ed and Josephine Pierson "Josie" O'Brien Rountree and granddaughter of Joseph Nathaniel and Dorothy Dixson Johnson O'Brien (Uncle Peanut and Aunt Dot). Terri is the daughter of John Gribbin and May Nora "Katie" Johnson Murphy (Uncle Johnny and Aunt Katie).

Find out more about this exciting evening by writing to Tana at tlr1462(at)yahoo(dot)com!
Benjamin Seth Johnson graduates from Cumberland Scool of Law in Birmingham
June 4, 2008

Benjamin Seth Johnson receives JD, Cumberland School of Law, May 17, 2008On 17 May, 2008, Benjamin Seth Johnson, pictured here, was awarded the degree of Juris Doctor from Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, AL. He was on the Dean's List.
Seth also earned a Master of Science (M.S.) in Environmental Management by Howard College of Samford University finishing with a 4.0 average. Seth is the son of Wylie Benjamin "Ben" and Jessica Ann Henry Johnson and grandson of Wylie Pierson and Lurene Hall Johnson (Uncle Wylie and Aunt "Dolly"). Seth plans to continue his legal education. He has been accepted at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. where he will work toward a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Environmental Law. (Click the photo - or here - for a larger image.)

Congratulations, Seth! Good luck to you on the Bar Exam and your studies at GWU! We know you will do well, and we will be very proud to have another fine attorney in the family! Family members can congratulate Seth by writing to him at 
Caroline Haddox Johnson graduates from Tulane University in New Orleans, LA
June 4, 2008

Tulane University Shield jpgOn 17 May, 2008, Caroline Haddox "Carrie" Johnson, graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. She is the daughter of Wylie Benjamin "Ben" and Jessica Ann Henry Johnson and granddaughter of Wylie Pierson and Lurene Hall Johnson (Uncle Wylie and Aunt "Dolly"). Carrie received the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Language Arts. She is working in a temporary job this summer in New Orleans, and in August, Carrie will begin as a teaching assistant for the 2nd grade at Audubon Charter School in New Orleans. (Sounds like a fantastic school! From the school's website, "Audubon Charter School is the only public elementary school in Louisiana accredited by the French Ministry of National Education in first through fifth grades.") At right Carrie and her father are pictured outside of the Louisiana Superdome at Carrie's graduation. (Click the photo - or here - for a larger image.)

Congratulations on your college graduation, Carrie, and good luck in your new teaching job! We know you will do well in your carreer in New Orleans. Family members, send your congratulations to Carrie c/o father Ben at bjohnson(at)burr(dot)com.
Gloria Alexandra Johnson to graduate from The Dunham School in Baton Rouge, LA
May 11, 2008
Gloria Alezandra Johnson jpgGloria Alexandra Johnson, daughter of Seth James ("Jimmy") and Isadora ("Dora") Risquet  Johnson, will graduate from The Dunham School in Baton Rouge, LA on 16 May, 2008. Gloria is the granddaughter of Orson Alexander and Iberia Louise Pierce Johnson (Uncle "Pete" and Aunt Louise). You may recall the recent news reported on this website that Gloria will be competing in gymastics at Louisiana State University on a full scholarship.

Congratulations on your high school graduation, Gloria, and best of luck at LSU! Family members may send congratulations to her at father Jimmy Johnson's email address, SJohnson(at)agcenter(dot)lsu(dot)edu.
Johnson Family Reunion in Iowa
May 11, 2008
Our Iowa cousins are getting ready for their annual Johnson Family Reunion in Elliott, Iowa. They sent the announcement below to Uncle Wylie and invite their cousins down South to attend. You would be warmly welcomed! Make reservations soon!
2008 Iowa Johnson Family Reunion Announcement jpg
Spring in Alabama
May 3, 2008

Wylie Pierson Johnson admires wild honeysuckle at Halfmile Shoals, Spring 2008.We had a time of it with draught in Alabama this past winter, but spring time finally brought precious rain. And that made our state's natural landscape all the more lovely. What a great diversity of natural beauty we have! The picture at right shared by Uncle Wylie (Wylie Pierson Johnson) can make us appreciate that fact. He is admiring the wild Alabama azaleas (honeysuckle azaleas) on his property at Halfmile Shoals in Shelby County, Alabama. (Click picture for a larger image.) Thank you, Uncle Wylie!

Want to count your blessings? Just take a walk in the Alabama woods on a beautiful spring day. It will come naturally.
Johnson Family Reunion to be held at Seth Johnson School on August 16th
April 10, 2008

The family of David Glenn and Vaunita Oswald Johnson are pleased to invite you to the 2008 Johnson Family Reunion. The reunion will be held on August 16, 2008 at (drum roll please....) the Seth Johnson Elementary School, named for Grandfather Seth Johnson! This is a wonderful facility for the reunion, and we're excited that the family will have the opportunity to visit the school. Also, we are pleased this year to celebrate the 100th birthday of David Glenn Johnson (Uncle Dave), born 15 March 2008. More details will be coming soon. Meantime, save the date for the Johnson Family Reunion - August 16th!

Spring Weddings in the Johnson Family
  • Anastasio-Johnson
  • Williams-Humphrey
  • Starr-Beck
April 10, 2008

It's that time of year! We have spring weddings to announce. (Others? Let us know. Write to Uncle Wylie at wylie80(at)

Jennifer Ann Anastasio married Bradley Tucker Johnson on Staurday, 12 April 2008 at the Holy Name of Mary Church, Eliza at Verret Street, New Orleans, LA. Jennifer is the daughter of Deborah Anastasio and Dr. Charles Anastasio. Bradley is the son of Jane Elizabeth Tucker and Charles McIntyre Johnson, Jr. and the grandson of Laura Gene Burt and Charles McIntryre Johnson (Aunt Gene and Uncle Mac).

Haley Ann Williams will wed Matthew Humphrey
Saturday, 17 May 2008 at 2:00 p.m. at the Mulder Memorial United Methodist Church in Wetumpka, AL. Haley Ann is the daughter of Frank Dekalb "Dee" and Elizabeth Ann Jackson Williams, granddaughter of Billy Gene and Neva Caroline Albritton Williams, and great-granddaughter of Walter Matthew and Caroline Johnson Albritton (Uncle Walter and Aunt Caroline).

Karrera Irene "Kari" Starr will wed David Wilson Beck, III on Saturday, 17 May 2008 at 7:00 p.m. a the the Church of Saint Thomas the Divine in Houston, TX. Kari is the daughter of Sharon Frances "Sha" Johnson Starr and the granddaughter of Luke and Shirley Irene Roach Johnson (Uncle Luke and Aunt Shirley).

Congratulations and best wishes to these lovely couples! May your life together be blessed.
Tana Rountree to compete in talent competition April 10, 2008

Here's a message just received with news of our cousin Tana Rountree...
Tana is singing in a preliminary round for a talent competition at the IP in Biloxi, MS on Wed, April 23, 2008 at 7 pm.

[and from Tana...]

So cross your fingers & say your fingers that I do well enough to advance to the semi-final round!! For those of you who live close enough to attend, I hope to see you there and for those of you who don't, just be thinking about me at 7 on Wed, April 23.



Tana is the daughter of John Ed and Josephine Pierson "Josie" O'Brien Rountree and granddaughter of Joseph Nathaniel and Dorothy Dixson Johnson O'Brien (Uncle Peanut and Aunt Dot).

Good luck, Tana. Yes, we will be thinking of you on the 23rd!!
Gloria Johnson signs gymnastics scholarship with LSU
November  24, 2007

On November 8, 2007, Gloria Alexandra Johnson signed "a National Letter of Intent for a full scholarship to LSU for gymnastics." Gloria is the daughter of Seth James and Isidora Risquet "Dora" Johnson and granddaughter of Orson Alexander and Iberia Louise Pierce Johnson (Uncle Pete and Aunt Louise). Check out the full story at these great web site addresses sent by father Seth:
Gloria Johnson wins Gymnastics scholarship at LSU.   ("When you get to the WAFB sports webpage on the right hand side go to sports signing and there is a 10sec video of Gloria signing the scholarship papers.")

Congratulations, Gloria! We are very proud of you! Family members can send their congratulations to Gloria in care of Seth at SJohnson(at)agcenter(dot)lsu(dot)edu.
Johnsons participate in National Veterans Day Parade in Birmingham
November 24, 2007

Johnson veterans and children participate in Veterans Day Parade in Birmingham, Nov. 12, 2007.Thousands viewed the National Veterans’ Day Parade in Birmingham, AL on November 12, 2007. (The parade took place on the day of observance. Veterans’ Day is actually November 11.) The armed forces marched, high school bands marched, mounted troupes marched, Boy Scouts and Veterans marched. There were cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses and rescue and military vehicles of many kinds. But one vehicle in particular was VERY SPECIAL to the Johnson Family. The banners on either side of the car told it all: 


Riding in the convertible were three Johnson veterans of three different wars (in chronological order of the wars):  Wylie Pierson Johnson, Navy Veteran of World War II; Orson Lucius “Pete” Johnson, Army Veteran of the Vietnam War; and Parley Philip Johnson, Jr., Marine Corps Veteran of the Gulf War. Parley is the son of Parley Philip, Sr. and Christine Fail Johnson (Uncle Philip and Aunt Christine). Pete is the son of David Glenn and Vaunita Oswald Johnson (Uncle Dave and Aunt Vaunita). Standing tall and proud in the back of the convertible  and waving hands and American flags to parade watchers were Kimberlea “Kimber” Fay Atkinson (daughter of Ted and Connie Atkinson, granddaughter of Melanie Fay Johnson, and great-granddaughter of Uncle Wylie and Aunt Lurene Hall Johnson) and Natalie Celeste Johnson, daughter of David Hayes Johnson and Anna Harmon, granddaughter of Pete and Jean Williams Johnson, and great-granddaughter of Uncle Dave and Aunt Vaunita Johnson. Melanie Fay helped Pete get the car decorated and “ship shape” before they pulled off. (Click photo above for larger image.)

View pictures and video of the Johnsons in the 2007 Veterans' Day Parade.

Prior to the parade, the Johnsons also attended the other nationally recognized events in Birmingham honoring American Veterans. These included the National Veterans Award Dinner, a formal dress dinner at Birminham's Boutwell Auditorium on the evening of November 11, 2007. At that dinner, H.C. "Barney" Barnum, Jr., Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Reserve Affairs and a recipient of the Medal of Honor, was the recipient of the National Veterans Award for 2007. The dinner speaker was Marty Conatser, National Commander of the American Legion. Before the parade on November 12, our Johnson veterans attended the World Peace Luncheon in Birmingham. The keynote speaker was Lt. General Steven H. Blum, Chief of the National Guard Bureau.

Please mark your calendars and plan on coming to Birmingham in November, 2008. If you are one of our many Johnson veterans (or in active service), you are invited to ride in the parade with our "Johnson delegation." If you are interested, contact O. L. "Pete" Johnson at 205 567-1736 or email him at boysstate(at)brooknet(dot)com. The Veterans Day Parade has been a patriotic tradition in Birmingham since 1957 (the first official observance of Veterans Day in the nation!), and the Johnsons can be truly proud of their honorable service to this nation since its founding. So, please come to Birmingham in 2008 as we honor and thank all American Veterans for their service and sacrifice, including our own family members! Read more about National Veterans Day in Birmingham.
Seth Johnson Elementary School gratefully receives family gift October 16, 2007

On behalf of the family, Gene B. Johnson and Orson L. Johnson present donation to Seth Johnson Elementary.
L to R, Elementary Executive Director Margaret Allen, Principal Jacqueline Campbell, Gene B. Johnson, Orson L. "Pete" Johnson, Library Media Specialist Joyce Brown at the Seth Johnson Elementary School. They stand in front of the oil portrait of the school's benefactor, Seth Johnson, for whom the Elementary School is named.
The descendants of Seth and Neva Carmichael Johnson continue to promote reading and children's education through their generous gifts. In early September, Gene Burt Johnson (Aunt Gene) and Orson Lucius "Pete" Johnson presented a check for $700 on behalf of the Johnson Family to the Seth Johnson Elementary School Library. The money, collected at the 2007 Johnson Family Reunion and in later donations, was given in memory of our Grandfather Seth Johnson for whom the school is named. The gift was greatly appreciated!

On Wednesday, 19 September 2007, the following article appeared in the Montgomery Advertiser's popular education column "ABCs to ACTs":

Seth Johnson Elementary

A monetary gift from the family of the late Seth Johnson, for whom the   school    is    named,    was recently  presented to principal Jacqueline   Campbell;   Joyce Brown, library media specialist; and     Margaret     Allen, elementary   executive   director. The   gift   was   presented    by Judge Pete Johnson and Gene Burt   Johnson.   This   gift   has been given to the school for the past five years to add new books to the school library.
Thank you, family members, for your wonderful generosity to the Seth Johnson Elementary School Library!!
Neva Miriam Scruggs Ennis celebrates a joyous 100th birthday!

August 20, 2007

Neva Miriam Scruggs Ennis as a baby Neva Miriam Scruggs Ennis at 100 years of age

It was a beautiful birthday celebration for a beautiful lady - so very fitting. And it was such a grand occasion that it took more than one day to celebrate it! Neva Miriam Scruggs Ennis, our Cousin "Scrubbie", was born 14 August 1907, in Gainesville, Florida to Brick Pomeroy and Sarah Fay Carmichael Scruggs.

Cousin Scrubbie's mother, Sarah Fay Carmichael, was born in Newnan, GA on 14 December 1882, to William Spencer and Manora Alzada Summers Carmichael. Sarah Fay had an older sister in the house when she was born. Her "big" sister was approximately one year old at the time. Her name was Neva Kate Carmichael - our own Grandmother Johnson who would be the future wife of Seth Johnson.

Cousin Scrubbie's son Gary Morgan and wife Dorothy Lucius ("Dottie") Bassett Ennis (daughter of Julian Morris and Neva Carmichael Johnson Bassett - Uncle Julian and Aunt "Johnnie") hosted a lovely Victorian-style birthday picnic in Cousin Scrubbie's honor on 4 August 2007 at their home, breathtaking Misty Ridge Farm, in Glenville, North Carolina (more on that below). Friends and family came from all over the United States - Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, California, and of course North Carolina - to celebrate and honor Cousin Scrubbie. It was a true testament of the love they all share for this wonderful lady. All enjoyed a large and sumptuous picnic lunch, children played lawn games, "Scrubbie stories" and pictures were shared, and a 15-man choral ensemble serenated Scrubbie and guests. (Actually, that was supposed to be a quartet, but all the group wanted to come when they found out what fun there would be!)  Her party even made the newspaper! Gary and Dottie hosted 33 of the guests overnight at their lovely mountain home. What a spend-the-night party! 

Wylie Pierson Johnson (Cousin Scrubbie's first cousin) and his daughter Melanie Fay Johnson wanted very much to be with her on her actual birthday - 14 August - as did her cousin Orson Lucius "Pete" (son of David Glenn and Vaunita Oswald Johnson) and wife Jean Williams Johnson. We made the trip up to Glenville on that day and arrived in time to enjoy an alfresco dinner with Cousin Scrubbie in the pleasantly cool courtyard of Fidelia Eckerd, her Glenville residence. We talked and enjoyed each other's company into the night. Uncle Wylie and Cousin Scrubbie had so many family stories to share with each other and with the rest of us. By 11:00 p.m. the "youngsters" (cough) were fading fast, but Uncle Wylie and Cousin Scrubbie (the +octogenarian and the centenarian) were going strong!!

Gary and Dottie graciously hosted us at their Misty Ridge Farm. What a treat! They have beautifully restored their 2-story 1870's farm house. It is situated in the middle of a Christmas tree farm very near a mountain top with a 360 degree view of the Great Smokies (a view of 7 mountain ranges). That cool, fresh, mountain air was a wonderful respit from the 100 + degree heat we had left in Birmingham. And we were surrounded by  lovely flowers (product of Dottie's very green thumb) and dozens of butterflies and hummingbirds that know a paradise when they see it.

On the way back to Alabama on 15 August, we visited the gravesite of Elias and Elizabeth Beavers Summers in Newnan, GA. They are the parents of Manora Alzada Summers Carmichael, grandparents of both Neva  Kate Carmichael Johnson and Sarah Fay Carmichael Scruggs and thus great-grandparents of both Uncle Wylie and Cousin Scrubbie.

Here are some photos made 14-15 August 2007 as we celebrated Cousin Scrubbie's 100th birthday and had fun at Gary and Dottie's home.

Happy 100th Birthday, Cousin Scrubbie! We love you! Family members, you can send your own love and birthday wishes to Cousin Scrubbie. Send in care of:

Gary and Dottie Ennis
P. O. Box 159
Glenville,  NC  28736
or email to Dottie at dlucyb(at)hotmail(dot)com
Michael Dennis "Mike" Zay in ill health
(Last updated 13 Nov. 2007. See end of article.)
August 20, 2007

Please keep our cousin Michael Dennis "Mike" Zay in your prayers. He was recently admitted to Texas Children's Cancer Center for treatment. Unfortunately, this happened on the same day that his brother Thomas Charles "Chip" Zay, IIIwent to the University of Alabama to begin his freshman year in college. Mike and Chip are from Houston, TX. They are the sons of Thomas Charles, Jr., and Katherine Leigh "Kathy" Dennis Zay,  grandsons of Thomas Charles "Tom" and Betty Ann Johnson, and great-grandsons of Spencer Carmichael and Betty Turk Johnson (Uncle Spencer and Aunt Betty).

We're praying for your thorough and speedy recovery, Mike! Family members can send their get-well wishes for Mike to his home at 11609 Green Oaks, Houston, TX 77024.

Update 25 August 2007
Michael's mother, Kathy Zay sent this message to Uncle Wylie Pierson Johnson on 24 August:
Michael and I have been at TCH for over a week now....he has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  Very scary at first, but he has been given an excellent prognosis, and already started chemotherapy, and already feeling much better.   We hope to go home sometime this weekend!  The plan is for him to receive 5 more "cycles" of chemo, 3 weeks apart, so he will be homebound for school, with teachers coming to the house for his lessons, for most if not all of this fall semester. 
I will keep you posted on his progress!!

Update 31 August 2007
(This sent from Michael's mother, Kathy Zay, on 26 August 2007)

Dear, dear friends and family,
First, I want to thank all you so very much for the words of support, love and prayers and wonderful food that you have sent us.  You have truly kept our spirits and faith and strength high during the last two weeks!!
Michael came home from the hospital yesterday, after receiving another short but strong dose of chemo.  He is in good spirits, but a little tired today.  The CT scan done on Friday shows some shrinkage of the lymphoma already, so we are very encouraged by that news!!  Earlier biopsies show no lymphoma in his bone marrow, skin, or spinal fluid!!  His blood counts have also remained good so far!  We go back to TCH clinic on Monday for more blood work and general follow-up, but that should just be for the day!!  I have already relayed this good news to some of you, so sorry if I am repeating myself.
We are so very blessed to have such incredible friends and family with such incredible continue to sustain us and we truly do feel lifted up by all your prayers.
Eternally grateful,
Kathy, Tom, Chip and Michael!!

Update 1 October 2007
(This sent from Michael's mother, Kathy, on 1 October 2007)

I am excited (and relieved) to report that after 2 of 6 chemo treatments, Michael's scans show shrinkage of the affected areas of 1/3 to 1/2 of its original size!  We are at TCH starting round #3 of chemo today, so I will keep in touch!

Update 16 October 2007
(This sent from Michael's mother, Kathy, on 3 October 2007)

Dear Friends and Family,

I am so very happy and relieved to report to you that Michael’s scans done
last week show the cancer has now shrunk by 1/3 to of it’s original size!!
Praise God!!

He started round #3 of chemo Monday, and while he felt really crummy Monday
night, last night he and our black lab were chasing each other through the
house as fast as they could!! :-) 

We so appreciate all of your continued support and prayers for his complete

Kathy....and Tom and Chip and Michael!

Update 13 November 2007
(This sent from Michael's mother, Kathy, on 13 November 2007)

Dear friends,
Just a quick note to update you on Michael’s progress!  We got the results of the scans that were done last week, and they continue to show steady progress in shrinking/killing the cancer cells.  On one hand, that was a huge relief, however,  I of course wanted to hear that it was already all gone, but that was being a bit too optimistic at this point in time.  We started round #5 of chemo yesterday, and they gave him some new nausea medicine that totally eliminated his queasiness, so that was HUGE!!!  Yesterday was so much easier than day 1 of the last round!!  Best of all, his spirits and energy remain high!  The doc gave him clearance to go to Tuscaloosa this weekend for the Alabama football game, too!  Awesome....we are going!!!
He is still scheduled for one more round of chemo after this one.  If the cancer continues to respond as it has, he will not need any further chemo (beyond round #6), but will then begin radiation treatments (I think in Dec, maybe Jan).  They are still projecting he can return to school in Jan or Feb, which he is looking forward to!
Our specific prayers at this time are that his body continues to tolerate the chemo well (which I am appreciating more and more as time goes by), that he continues to respond at least as well as he has so far (is it too much to ask for more???), and that the lasting/bad side effects of the chemo are minimal, if any (of course we want the GOOD effects of the chemo to last forever!!!!)
We continue to be grateful for your loving kindnesses and prayers, and we praise God for Michael’s healing and the wisdom of the doctors!!
Love to you all,

Let's let Michael know that he is in our thoughts and prayers. His address is 11609 Green Oaks, Houston, TX  77024. Kathy's email address is kzay(at)comcast(dot)net.

Leigh "Judge" Van Hoose passes
August 20, 2007

We are saddened to report that Leigh "Judge" Van Hoose passed away at 7:10 a.m. on Thursday, 9 August, 2007. He was the brother of our Aunt Kathleen Van Hoose Johnson. Leigh Mary Johnson McGuffey, daughter of Uncle Seth and Aunt Kathleen Van Hoose Johnson and niece of "Judge" Van Hoose, received the news from her first cousin Martha Rice, Uncle Judge's middle child. Martha wrote, "Please pray for our family. It is so hard just losing my Dad. ...Pray for safety in travel and we rejoice that he is no longer suffering and even now enjoying all the glories of Heaven."

Mary added "[Martha] lives in Natchez with her husband Bill. Uncle "Judge" is Mama's youngest brother. I am his name sake.  His real name is Leigh Van Hoose. He was named for Grandmother Van Hoose's longtime friend Miss Jenny Leigh.  Miss Jenny's husband was a Judge in Mobile. The nickname came from him. They never had children. I am very sad to lose him as he was Mama's last remaining sibling."

Our deepest sympathy and prayers go out to Martha and all of the Van Hoose Family. Family members may send their sympathies to Mary at mjmcguffey(at)mindspring(dot)com.
CPL Parley P. Johnson, III USMC promoted to Corporal August 20, 2007

On 1 June 2007, CPL Parley P. Johnson, III USMC (known to us as "Tracy") was promoted to Corporal! His father, Parley Philip Johnson, Jr. sent the following news release issued by the United States Marine Corps:Cpl. Parley Phillip Johnson, IIIParley Philip Johnson, III pic 3Parley Philip Johnson, III pic 2

Marine Corporal Parley Phillip Johnson, III entered the ranks of the USMC Non-Commissioned Officers Corps when he was promoted to his present rank effective on 1 June 2007 during a promotion ceremony held at Marine Base Camp Pendleton, Califonia. Cpl Johnson’s current awards include the National Defense Medal, Global War on Terror Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal, Overseas Service ribbon, and the Navy Unit Citation ribbon.

Corporal (Cpl) is the fourth enlisted rank in the U.S. Marine Corps, ranking immediately above Lance Corporal and immediately below Sergeant. Corporal is the first grade of non-commissioned officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, though promotion to Corporal traditionally confers a large jump in authority and responsibility compared to promotion from Private through Lance Corporal. It is also the first Marine rank requiring competition among peers rather than simple "time in grade" promotions and therefore sometimes difficult to attain. Marine Corporals generally serve as "fire-team leaders," commanding a 4-man team or unit of similar size. In support units, they direct the activities of junior Marines and provide technical supervision. Because of its emphasis on small-unit tactics, the Marine Corps usually places Corporals in billets where other services would normally have an E-5 or E-6 in authority. Similarly, the term "Strategic Corporal" refers to the special responsibilities conferred upon a Marine Corporal.

Cpl. Johnson entered the Marines in September 2004 where he trained with the 2nd Recruit Training Battalion earning the title “Marine” during graduation ceremony on 3 December 2004 held at MCRD Parris Island, SC.  He went on to complete Marine Combat Training - MCT at Camp Geiger, NC. Afterwards, he transferred to Marine Corps Base Twentynine Palms, CA where he received extensive training in electronics technology, operation and maintenance of  USMC communication equipment. Upon completion, he was awarded the USMC Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 2846 - Marine Corps Intermediate Radio Repair Technician.  Upon completion of his training, Cpl Johnson was assigned to his first permanent duty station with the First Marine Division, 1st Maintenance Logistics Group (MLG), Repairable Management Company (RMC), Del Mar Area 22, Camp Pendleton, California.  In February 2005, Cpl. Johnson volunteered to deploy overseas in support of Iraqi Freedom where he served in Kuwait as part of the Special Marine Security Detachment.  In August 2006 Cpl. Johnson redeployed for his second tour of duty overseas in support of Operation Iraq Freedom where he served with the 15th Marine Logistics Group, 1st Maintenance Battalion. During his tour of duty, Cpl. Johnson twice received the Maintenance Technician of the Month Award for repairing and returning to the field over 95 pieces of Marine Combat Communication equipment.

Cpl. Johnson recently completed the US Navy Customs and Familiarization course while performing duty as part of the U.S. Marine Detachment assigned to the USS Germantown LSD-42.

Father Parley Philip adds the following:

Cpl. Johnson is a 2004 graduate of Paxton High School and the son of MSgt. Parley P. & Callie Gail Johnson of Walton County, Florida. He is the grandson of the late Mr. P.P. Johnson of Lockhart, AL and Christine Fail Johnson of Montgomery, AL  [Note from JJ:  This is our Uncle Philip and Aunt Christine], the late Mr. Ivory Pickron and Betty Pickron of Florala, AL. 

Congratulations, Cpl. Johnson! We are very proud of you! Family members, if you would like to pass along your message of congratulations, contact Dad and Mom:
Parley and Callie Johnson
16169 US 331 North
DeFuniak Springs, FL 32433
Johnson Reunion 2007 - A Double Celebration!
See the photos!
July 11, 2007

This year's Johnson Family Reunion was a great success by all accounts. On 30 June 2007, 102 members of the Seth and Neva Kate Carmichael Johnson Family gathered at the Alabama Nature Center's Lanark Pavilion in Millbrook, AL for good food, good fellowship, and good times! Uncle Wylie Pierson Johnson hosted the event this year along with his daughters, Barbara Lurene "Bobbie" Johnson Hill (and her husband James Hill) and Melanie Fay Johnson and their families. Wylie Benjamin "Ben" (Uncle Wylie's son) and Jessica Ann Henry Johnson were missed. Unfortunately, they were in Italy and unable to attend.

May Nora "Katie" Johnson MurphyThe Johnson Family not only celebrated the 107th Wedding Anniversary of Seth and Neva Kate Carmichael Johnson. They also celebrated the 80th birthday of Aunt May Nora "Katie" Johnson Murphy, born 29 June 1927! She is pictured at right on the day of the Reunion. Happy Birthday, Aunt Katie!

We all know what wonderful cooks we have in the Johnson family. Those treasured recipes will soon be available to one and all. Melanie Fay Johnson has been collecting recipes from you for some time now, and she unveiled a very well received first draft of the Johnson Family Cookbook at the reunion. The publication date is drawing closer. If you have not contributed your family's treasured recipes, please do so soon! Send to Melanie Fay Johnson, 1991 Shades Crest Road, Birmingham, AL  35216. We're using scans of your original recipes, so legible, hand-written recipes are wonderful. They will add so much character to the book! Thank you for contributing!

And speaking of contributing, we are pleased to announce that $651.05 was contributed at the reunion for the benefit of the Seth Johnson School Library. If you donated, thank you very much! If you would like to donate now, please send your check made out to "Seth Johnson School Library" to Pete Johnson, 3716 Old Leeds Rd., Birmingham, AL  35213. The gift of reading - there is no better way to honor the memory of Seth Johnson! Thank you again for your generous contributions!

Here are photos of 2007 Johnson Family Reunion.We need your pictures, too! Won't you please send copies of your family reunion snaps? Send by mail to Pete Johnson at the address above or email to him at alboysstate(at)brooknet(dot)com. Thank you!

Thank you, Uncle Wylie and family, for hosting a lovely reunion!
Pink Tea honors Kellet Carmichael
July 11, 2007

Some ladies attending the Pink Tea at Carmichael Hall, 8 July 2007On Sunday afternoon, 8 July 2007, friends and family attended a "Pink Tea" at the home of Melanie Fay Johnson in Birmingham, AL. The tea party was a lovely event that honored Melanie's daughter, Kellet Carmichael. Kellet was visiting from Boston, MA. Melanie Fay's home, "Carmichael Hall", was festooned with beautiful pink roses of many shades. The sweet aroma was delightful! The table was set with more roses on a delicate cut linen cloth. Pink punch, pink champagne, strawberry pastries, finger sandwiches, nuts and chocolates were served. On display was "Pink Roses", a 1955 oil painted by Jean Taylor Williams, mother of Mary Jean Williams Johnson. This was the first private viewing of the painting in approximately 40 years.

Other Johnson family members who attended the tea were
Kellet's Aunt Lurene "Bobbie" Johnson Hill, Bobbie's daughter Melanie Anne Hill Ryan, and Melanie Anne's daughter Rebecca Anne Ryan. Kellet is the granddaughter of Wylie Pierson and Lurene Hall Johnson (Uncle Wylie and Aunt Dolly). "Carmichael Hall" is also the home of Uncle Wylie.

See all the pictures here!
Welcome, Rex Douglas Turner and John Parker Turner!
July 11, 2007

Rex Douglas and John Parker JohnsonWe have two more darling new additions to the Johnson family! On 5 July 2007, Michael and Julie Kathryn Johnson Turner became the proud new parents of twin boys. Rex Douglas Turner wighed in at 5 lbs, 4 oz., 18 inches long. "Younger" brother John Parker Turner was 5 lbs., 14 oz. and 18.5 inches long. Their Aunt Leigh Douglas Johnson reports, "[Rex Douglas] has a head full of blondish brown hair.... [John Parker] has a bit darker brown hair, and not quite as much as Rex. They are adorable and are doing great."

Rex Douglas and John Parker Johnson, pic 2Mother Julie is the daughter of Douglas "Doug" and Dorothy Kathryn "Kathy" Owens Johnson. Doug is the son of Seth and Kathleen VanHoose Johnson (Uncle Seth and Aunt Kathleen).

Congratulations, Julie and Michael! Family may send their love and best wishes for the twins to Julie and Michael at 2555 Redland Road, Wetumpka, AL  36093.

Welcome, Kaylin Ashley Hill!
June 11, 2007

Kaylin Ashley HillKaylin Ashley Hill was born 30 June 2007, to Jeffrey Adam and Linda Ashley Fife Hill. Adam is the son of James Allen and Barbara Lurene "Bobbie" Johnson Hill. Bobbie is the daughter of Wylie Pierson and Lurene Hall Johnson (Uncle Wylie and Aunt Dolly).

Kaylin is pictured, above right, in the arms of her Great Grandfather Wylie Pierson Johnson ("Paw") and below right with "Paw" and her proud sister and brother, Elizabeth Margaret Hill and Jeffrey Adam Hill. 

Kaylin Ashley Hill with her siblings and Great Grandfather Wylie Pierson JohnsonCongratulations, Adam and Ashley! Family members may send their love and best wishes for Kaylin to Adam and Ashley at 5621 10th Avenue South, Birmingham, AL  35222.

Louise Glenn Johnson Nicholls passes
June 13, 2007

Louise Glenn Johnson Nicholls and her father Philip Paddleford Johnson. To right, PPJ's father Dave Johnson.We are saddened to report that on the morning of 13 June 2007, our cousin Louise Glenn Johnson Nicholls passed away. She had suffered a stroke the previous day. She was the only child of Philip Paddleford ("Phil") and Louise Glenn Johnson. She is pictured here with her father. On the right, in top hat, is Louise's grandfather (Phil's father), Dave Johnson who was brother of Seth Johnson. These pictures were copied from page 160-L of Solomon Johnson, 1601-1690:  His Descendants and Some Allied Families by Wylie Pierson Johnson (Uncle Wylie).  Uncle Wylie notes that Louise, Aunt Katie Johnson Murphy, and cousin Myrtle Joyce Poundstone Ridolphi were all three born in 1927. Cousin Louise's birthdate was 5 August 1927.

Cousin Louise's funeral will be Friday, 15 June 2007 at 3 PM in Memory Chapel on Lincoln Road by the Greenwood Cemetery in Montgomery, AL. J
Samuel Keith Lough graduates from Cherokee Hight School in Canton, GA
July 11, 2007

Samuel Keith LoughIn May, 2007, Samuel Keith Lough graduated from Cherokee High School in Canton, Georgia.  While in high school he excelled in ROTC and won many awards for excellence.  Sam has decided to join the US Air Force in September.  His parents are Brian Keith and Neva Lillian Flomer Lough of Ball Ground, Georgia.  Sam is the grandson of John Robert (deceased) and Margie Helen Albritton Flomer,Wetumpka, Alabama.  Sam's great grandparents were  Walter and Caroline Johnson Albritton,  Wetumpka, Alabama (Uncle Walter and Aunt Caroline).

Best of luck to you in the Air Force, Sam! Family members may send congratulations for Sam to his grandmother Margie Flomer at mflomer(at)elmore(dot)rr(dot)com.
Jamie Louise Johnson graduates from St. Joseph's Academy in Baton Rouge
May 29, 2007

Jamie Louise JohnsonJamie Louise Johnson, daughter of Seth James ("Jimmy") and Isadora ("Dora") Risquet  Johnson, graduated from St. Joseph's Academy in Baton Rouge, LA on May 20, 2007. Jamie will study journalism when she attends the University of Mississippi this fall. After earning her BA, she would like to go to law school.

Jamie is the granddaughter of Orson Alexander and Iberia Louise Pierce Johnson (Uncle "Pete" and Aunt Louise).

Congratulations on your graduation, Jamie, and best of luck at Ole Miss! Family members may send congratulations to her at father Jimmy Johnson's email address, SJohnson(at)agcenter(dot)lsu(dot)edu.
Dallas Clayton Cox graduates from Columbus High School in Columbus, GA
May 28, 2007

Dallas Clayton Cox graduation pic.At this year's Conley Family Reunion on May 27, 2007, Wylie Pierson Johnson (Uncle Wylie) and daughter Melanie Fay Johnson 
heard about the graduation of our cousin Dallas Clayton Cox. He has just graduated from Columbus High School in Columbus GA. Dallas plans to enter Georgia Southern this fall. He played football in high school and hopes to play as a walk on at Georgia Southern. 

Dallas is the son of Patricia Lynn ("Patti") Brown Cox, grandson of Richard William and Shirley Ruth Bryan Brown, great-grandson of Fred Emerson ("Zeke") and Monora Katherine ("Nonnie") Conley Brown and  great-great-grandson of Judge Thomas Drayton and Manora Othello Carmichael Conley (Auntie and Uncle Judge). Othello is Neva Kate Carmichael (Mrs Seth) Johnson's sister.

Congratulations, Dallas! Good luck in your football and academic career at Georgia Southern! Family members may send their congratulations for Dallas to his mother,
Patti Cox, at plbcsmith(at)knology(dot)net.
Thomas Charles ("Chip") Zay, III graduates from Memorial High School in Houston
May 27, 2006

Thomas Chares "Chip" Zay, IIIUpdated with pic and further information 10 July 2007!

On May 26, 2007, Thomas Charles ("Chip") Zay, III, graduated from Memorial High School in Houston, TX. He is shown here in his jacket for lettering in lacrosse. Chip will enter the University of Alabama this fall and is considering a business/marketing major. Chip is a recipient of the Hubert K. and Flora B. Borden Scholarship at UA. It was awarded based on his academic achievements.

Chip is the son of Thomas Charles ("Tom, Jr.") and Katherine Leigh Dennis ("Kathy") Zay, grandson of Thomas Charles ("Tom") and Betty Ann Johnson Zay, and great-grandson of Spencer Carmichael and Betty Turk Johnson (Uncle Spencer and Aunt Betty).

Congratulations, Chip, and best of luck at Alabama! Family members may send congratulations to Chip at 11609 Green Oaks, Houston, TX 77024.
Timothy Graham Ryan graduates from Spain Park High School
May 27, 2007

Timothy Ryan Graham photoOn May 24, 2007, Timothy Graham Ryan, son of Timothy Wade ("Tim") and Melanie Anne Hill Ryan graduated from Spain Park High School in Hoover, AL, a suburb of Birmingham. As the Chaplain of his Senior Class, Graham gave the "Welcoming Address" at the commencement exercises. (Graham has received many other honors and recognitions in his academic and extra-curricular life as previously noted on this website here and here.) Graham will enter pre-med school at Auburn University this fall on a four-year scholarship.

Graham is the grandson of James Allen and Barbara Lurene ("Bobbie") Johnson Hill and great-grandson of Wylie Pierson and Lurene Hall Johnson (Uncle Wylie and Aunt Dolly).

Congratulations, Graham, and good luck to you in pre-med at Auburn! Family members may send congratulations to Graham at 2321 Altadena Crest Drive, Birmingham, AL  35242.
Kaleta Hardin Hepburn Johnson graduates from St. Johns School in Houston
May 27, 2007

Crest of St. John's School in Houston, TX
Kaleta Hardin Hepburn Johnson, daughter of Luke and Joan Kaleta Hepburn Blaffer Johnson, graduated from St. John's School in Houston, TX on May 21, 2007. This fall Kaleta will continue her education at the Georgetown University of Foreign Service. Kaleta is the granddaughter of Luke and Shirley Irene Roach Johnson (Uncle Luke and Aunt Shirley). 

So many are persuing higher education in the Johnson family!
Seth Carmichael Blaffer Johnson, Kaleta's older brother, is at Rhode Island Community College.

Congratulations on your graduation, Kaleta, and good luck at Georgetown! 
Family members may send their congratulations for Kateta to her mother, Joan Johnson, at joanbjohnson(at)sbcglobal(dot)net.
Miller Elizabeth Goodson graduates from Auburn University
May 27, 2007

Seal of Auburn UniversityWe are proud to announce one of the newest college graduates in the extended Johnson family! On May 10, 2007, Miller Elizabeth Goodson graduated from Auburn University. She received the Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration in Accounting. Miller Elizabeth is the daughter of Jerry Lionel and Jane Miller Ridolphi Goodson, granddaughter of Eugene Pierre and Myrtle Joyce Poundstone Ridolphi, great-granddaughter of Emmett Robert and Nancy May Johnson Poundstone, and great-great-granddaughter of Dave and Myrtle Melissa Stennett Johnson. Dave Johnson was Seth Johnson's brother.

Congratulations, Miller Elizabeth! Family members may send their congratulations to her at 1992 Overlook Ct., Auburn, AL  36832.
John Michael Mastin to receive Doctor of Jurisprudence degree

Welcome Hannah Mae Mastin!
May 6, 2007

John Michael (Jay) Mastin will receive his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from the Mississippi College School of Law on May 11, 2007.  Jay is the son of Mike and Lindy (O'Brien) Mastin and the grandson of Joyce O'Brien and the late Mickey O'Brien. Jay is the great-grandson of Joseph Nathaniel and Dorothy Dixson Johnson O'Brien (Uncle Peanut and Aunt Dot).

Jay Mastin holding daughter Hannah just days after his graduation from law school!Congratulations, Jay, and good luck on your bar exams! We look forward to having another fine attorney in the family. You can send congratulations for Jay to his grandmother Joyce at obrien204(at)charter(dot)net.

Update - On the very day that Jay graduated from law school, wife Natalie gave birth to their daughter, Hannah Mae Mastin!  Jay missed the graduation ceremony but was present for the birth of Hannah in Jackson, MS. And you think you had a busy day?! The picture at right was made at home the day Hannah arrived home from the hospital. Congratulations, Jay and Natalie!
Brittany Lauren Johnson to graduate from Lee County (GA) High
May 5, 2007
Brittany Lauren Johnson, daughter of  David Henry and Diana Lyn Applegate Johnson, will graduate from Lee County High School in Leesburg, GA on 26 May 2007. Brittany's father, David, is the head coach of the Lee County football team, the Trojans. Brittany is the granddaughter of Parley Philip and Edith Christine Fail Johnson (Uncle Philip and Aunt Christine).

Congratulations, Brittany!

Correction - Please be advised that Brittany's father, David Henry Johnson is alive and well!!! This writer, Jean W. Johnson, misread a notice from David Noles regarding the passing of his father-in-law (who would be Brittany's mother's father). My deepest apologies to Brittany, David, Diana, and all of their family for this error! We do extend our sympathy to them for the passing of Mr. Applegate.

Brittany Lauren Johnson, Lee Co. High School senior picture, Leesburg, GA
Welcome Emily Elizabeth Barrett!
May 1, 2007
We have a lovely new addition to the family! Emily Elizabeth Barrett, daughter of Stephen Dale and Courtney Marie Cummings Barrett, was born at Montgomery Medical Center East on January 3, 2007.  She was 7 lbs. 6 oz. and 19 inches long. She was welcomed by her "big brother" Stephen, grandmother  Cheryl Dianne Williams Cummings, and great-grandmother Neva Caroline Albritton Williams. Little Emily Elizabeth is also the great-great granddaughter of Walter Matthew and Caroline Johnson Albritton (Uncle Walter and Aunt Caroline).

Welcome Emily Elizabeth!

Send messages of love and congratulations to Courtney and Dale at
Emily Elizabeth Barrett, at 6 months
Emily Elizabeth Barrett at 6 weeks.

Stephen Barrett with little sis Emily Elizabeth Barrett, Easter, 2007.
Stephen Barrett with little sister Emily Elizabeth Barrett, Easter, 2007.

Four generations of girls in the Albritton Family.
Four generations of girls in the Albritton Family. L to R, great-grandmother Neva Albritton Williams, mother Courtney Cummings Barrett, Emily Elizabeth Barrett, and grandmother Cheryl Williams Cummings.
June 30, 2007
Alabama Nature Center
Lanark Pavilion
Millbrook, AL
April 16, 2007

Lanark Pavilion

This year the Johnson Family Reunion will be in a wonderful new location - the Alabama Wildlife Center in Millbrook. It is BRAND NEW! (Grand opening is April 20.) 

Lanark and the new Alabama Nature Center contain 350 acres of striking forests, fields, streams, wetlands and ponds that are traversed by five miles of boardwalks and trails.... The new 4,000-square-foot Lanark Pavilion will serve as the interim welcome hub for the Alabama Nature Center.  A trail map located inside the Pavilion will greet guests of the Center as they begin their trek to one of three natural resource destinations: Still Creek, Turkey Ridge, or Hilltop Pass.  The Pavilion, which can accommodate up to 400 people, will also provide rain and storm protection for school and general public programs.

Visit the web site of the Alabama Wildlife Center to learn more about this beautiful facility.

Remember, this year we will also be celebrating May Nora Johnson's ("Baby Sister" and our Aunt Katie) 80th birthday! She was born 29 June 1927.

The reunion is hosted this year by Uncle Wylie Pierson and family. You'll soon be receiving an announcement by mail. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Uncle Wylie by email at wjohnson8722(at)charter(dot)net or call 205 914-6969.

See you June 30th at the
Alabama Wildlife Center
in Millbrook!
(Map coming soon)
The 919th Air Force Reserve Unit of Ret. Chief Ronnie A. Davis to be Honored with the Gallant Unit Citation
February 2, 2007

On March 3, 2007, at Duke Field Florida, there will be a very special ceremony to honor the 919th Operations Group, 919th Special Operations Wing, United States Air Force Reserve and bestow it with the Gallant Unit Citation. Ronnie A. Davis, husband of Judy Nora Johnson Davis (daughter of Uncle Philip and Aunt Christine Fail Johnson), is a retired Chief of this Unit during the period for which it is being honored, 19 October 2001 to 1 July 2003. As you will read in the description below submitted by Judy, this is a very presitgeous award and is fully deserved! 

About the Gallant Unit Citation: The award, created in March 2004, is the unit equivalent of the Silver Star and ranks below the Presidential Unit Citation. Since it was created with an effective date retroactive to Sept. 11, 2001, only a couple of units have earned the award. The first went to the 16th Special Operations Group at Hurlburt Field for combat operations ranging from the start of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan to the major combat phase of Operation Iraqi Freedom. A second recently was awarded to the 352nd Special Operations Group for the period Feb. 12, 2003 to May 12, 2003. The Air Force has not released information on the unit's actions. Two other units also are up for the citation: the 332nd Air Expeditionary Group, for the period Oct. 15, 2001 to April 15, 2002, and the 17th Air Support Operations Squadron, for the period June 1, 2002 to May 31, 2003. The 919th is the first reserve unit to earn the citation.


From an article in the AF News...
Citation to accompany the award of the Gallant Unit Citation to 919th Operations Group:

The 919th Operations Group, 919th Special Operations Wing, United States Air Force Reserve, distinguished itself by extraordinary gallantry in connection with military operations against an armed enemy of the United States at a classified location from 19 October 2001 to 1 July 2003.

During Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, the 350 airmen of the 919th Operations Group flew two unique special operations aircraft and tenaciously maintained decisive combat momentum in the face of significant opposition from enemy forces.

In spite of intense resistance, they compiled an incredible combat record during the largest, longest, most complex and most successful campaign ever conducted by United States special operations forces.

During major combat operations in support of both campaigns, the 919th Operations Group operated from five austere forward operating locations, three concurrently, across two continents while conducting vital special operations missions.

Flying the first fixed wing aircraft missions to penetrate Afghanistan and Iraq at the onset of hostilities, the 919th Operations Group continually answered the call despite numerous attacks to their aircraft from surface-to-air missiles, anti-aircraft artillery, rocket-propelled grenades, and mortar engagements as well as 14 separate attacks from surface-to-surface missiles and multiple mortar and small arms assaults to their forward operating bases.

The 919th Operations Group brazenly penetrated enemy air defenses, fighting doggedly to achieve their vital objectives during 1,861 combat missions totaling over 5,000 combat hours.

Their outstanding courage, relentless aggressive fighting spirit, and untiring devotion to duty allowed the unit to simultaneously conduct a three-pronged prosecution of intense combat operations against terrorism globally.

As a result of their indomitable courage, superior airmanship, and professionalism they garnered over 900 individual decorations to include an astounding 101 individual decorations for gallantry and heroism and 16 major command- and Air Force-level special trophies.

The spirit, heroism, and continuous display of raw courage throughout both campaigns contributed immensely to the swift defeat of multiple enemies which exemplified the highest traditions of military service.

The professionalism, dedication to duty, and gallantry demonstrated by the members of 919th Operations Group reflect great credit upon themselves and the United States Air Force.  (This was taken from an AF News article so it's not exact but you got the jest of it)

Congratulations to Ronnie and all others in his Reserve Unit!  Thank you for your brave and distinguished service to our country. And many thanks to Judy and the other Unit family members. The love, support and sacrifice you give are essential to the work of our service men and women.

You can send your congratulations to Ronnie Davis at Judy's email address at  flmulelady(at)gdsys(dot)net.
From the Musical Side of the Family - Easan Katir
February 2, 2007

Eaton Katir & Ed Seykota perform at the Bowers Festival 2006.There are definitely some strong musical genes in the Johnson family. Recently, Cousin Easan Katir, of Davis, CA, joined up with his friend Ed Seykota to perform for the folks at the 2006 Bowers Festival. This is a festival sponsored by the Northern Nevada Buegrass Association, a non-profit, volunteer organization promoting the enjoyment of bluegrass music in the area. The picture here was taken at that festival (Easan on the left, Ed right). Wouldn't you love to have heard them?! Just looking at the picture makes you want to tap your foot! They're performing "Classical Bluegrass:  A Guitar and Banjo Communion". Click here to see more great photos of the Bowers Festival. Thanks for sharing these fun times with us, Easan! We would love to hear some of that in Alabama, so come on down South anytime!

Easan is a great grandson of Alexander Perry Johnson, a younger brother of Philip Paddleford Johnson.

You can email Easan Katir at easan(at)pacbell(dot)net.
Anna Katharine ("Tottie") Flint Joyce passes
January 17, 2007

Anna Katharine "Tottie" Flint Joyce age 100 on Aug.19, 2005.One of the great matriarchs of the Johnson family has passed.  According to Cousin Frederick O. "Fred" Johnson, II, Anna Katharine "Tottie" Flint Joyce "passed away quietly in Carmel, CA at about 4:00 a.m." this morning, January 17, 2007. Born August 19, 1905, she was 101 years old. Cousin Tottie was the daughter of Frederick Wilson and Katharine M. Johnson Flint, and granddaughter of Orson Thomas and Anna Craven Johnson. O.T. was brother of Philip Paddleford Johnson.

Readers may recall that we all rejoiced in Cousin Tottie's 100th birthday on August 19, 2005. The photo of her above was made on that happy day. To see more pictures of her at her birthday party, click here.

Thank you to Frederick O. "Fred" Johnson, II, great grandson of O. T. and Anna Craven Johnson, for letting us know about this news. May God bless Anna Katharine Flint Joyce and all of her family.

For more information, you may email Fred Johnson at fojohnson(at)prodigy(dot)net.
UPDATE!  Johnson Reunion Set for 30 June 2007
January 13, 2007

The Johnson Family Reunion  will be held June 30, 2007 at
Alabama Nature Center Lanark Pavilion in Millbrook, AL. See more information here. Note that this is not the Fain Center in Wetumpka where we have often gathered in the past. It will be hosted by the family of Wylie Pierson and Lurene Hall Johnson (Uncle Wylie and Aunt Dolly).

We will celebrate two happy events at this summer's family reunion. In addition to the 107th wedding anniversary of Seth and Katie Carmichael Johnson, we will also be celebrating May Nora Johnson's ("Baby Sister" and our Aunt Katie) 80th birthday! She was born 29 June 1927.

So save the date - Saturday, 30 June! We'll be sure to share more details as they become available.
May Nora "Katie" Johnson Murphy is recovering nicely from knee surgery
November 14, 2006

May Nora Johnson Murphy, our Aunt Katie, underwent knee replacement surgery in Birmingham, AL at St. Vincent's Hospital on Monday, November 13, 2006. All went very well,and she has had good medical care all around. She began physical rehabilitation on the left knee very soon after surgery. Although understandably uncomfortable, she was in bright spirits the next day when her nephew O. L. "Pete" and wife Jean Johnson visited her. Her youngest daughter, Teresa Fay "Terry" Murphy was at her side. She had come to Birmingham from her home near Ocean Springs, MS to care for her mother. Other family members were in Birmingham to support Aunt Katie also, including daughter Mary Gayle Murphy Anderson.

At this writing Aunt Katie is expected to be released from St. Vincent's on Saturday, November 18th. She will return home to Cecil, AL for rehabilitation. There, she'll be getting excellent care from daughter Gayle and her husband William Roy "Will" Anderson, Jr. who live right next door. You can send your love and get well wishes to Aunt Katie at her home address:

Mrs. May Nora "Katie" Murphy
906 Judkins Road
Cecil, AL  36013

We're wishing you a very speedy recovery, Aunt Katie!
The Johnson Family is Represented in the 2006 Veterans' Day Parade in Birmingham, AL
November 11, 2006

On November 11, 2006, Johnson family members represented the family in the Veterans' Day Parade in Birmingham, AL. Melanie Fay Johnson and her granddaughter Kimberlea "Kimber" Fay Atkinson waved to the hundreds of onlookers along the parade route through downtown Birmingham. They rode in a cherry-red, 1973 Caprice Classic convertible. Melanie and Kimber are the daughter and great-granddaughter, respectively of Wylie Pierson and Lurene "Dolly" Hall Johnson (Uncle Wylie and Aunt Dolly). Also in the car were Orson Lucius "Pete" and Jean Williams Johnson and their granddaughter Natalie Celeste Johnson. Pete and Natalie are the son and great-granddaughter, respectively,  of David Glenn and Vaunita Oswald Johnson (Uncle Dave and Aunt Vaunita).

It was a moment of great pride for us to represent the fine military tradition of the Johnson Family in the nation's oldest and largest Veterans' Day Parade. (Read more about National Veterans Day in Birmingham.) Our Johnsons have served in every military conflict in American history. And so it was fitting that the car proclaimed such on two large red, white and blue banners, one hanging on either side of the car. The banners read, 




Pete Johnson is a veteran of the Vietnam War having served as a Cavalry (Army) Platoon Leader, 1969-1970. Uncle Wylie Pierson Johnson, Navy Veteran of World War II (and Commodore of the Alabama Navy!), was to ride in the Johnson family car, also. However, due to a miscommunication by the Pete Johnson family, there was a time conflict and Uncle Wylie could not be with us this year. :-(

Next year we hope that Uncle Wylie and MANY MORE Johnson veterans and active military will participate in this wonderful event. If all Johnsons come who should rightfully participate, we'll need a truck-pulled flotilla! And that's just fine. We can do that!

We thank and salute all Veterans and Active Service men and women, including those in the Johnson Family, who defend our nation and protect our freedoms!
Caroline ("Carol") Elsie Fisher Murphy has passed.
November 8, 2006

Caroline "Carol" Fisher Murphy with brother Seth Grant Fisher.
We were saddened to learn that our dear cousin, Caroline ("Carol") Elsie Fisher Murphy, passed away on November 4, 2006, due to brain cancer. Carol was the granddaughter of Mary Larkin Johnson Brockway Pierson. Aunt Mary was the daughter of Caroline Adelia Dixson and Philip Paddleford Johnson and thus sister of Seth Johnson. Carol is pictured at right with her son, Michael James "Elby" Murphy. The picture was taken on August 24, 2006, in Satellite Beach, FL. Elby and wife Lucy Austin Murphy send the following message out to all family and friends:

Carol is at peace, she passed away last Saturday, November 4th in the evening.  She went within a few minutes and was in no pain.  In fact she has never been in pain or had any type of pain medicine. Elby and I saw her right after she died and she looked good, just like she was sleeping. 
Carol will be creamated and there will be a small service at Brownlie-Maxwell Funeral Home, 1010 East Palmetto Avenue, Melbourne, FL   32901, 321-725-2483,

The service will be on Tuesday, November 14th at 11am, please email the info to any friends or family memebers that I do not have contacts for.  Thank you all for your visits, phone calls, flowers, cards and best wishes when Carol was at Tandem.  I know she enjoyed them as well as we did.
Take care, Lucy & Elby

Uncle Wylie Pierson Johnson maintained a close relationship with Cousin Carol over several decades. She always generously shared family stories and and her broad knowledge of family history. Uncle Wylie offers the following additional information about Cousin Carol's family:

Carol's sister Mary Ann lives in MA. Her husband Larry McElfresh died in 1985 when they were living in Skokie, IL.

Carol's brother Seth, a retired Westinghouse engineer, lives in Ellicott City, MD. Her brother John died when his plane crashed near Muchen, Germany in May 1945. He was a fighter pilot in the US Army Air Corps.

We hope all who read this will extend their deepest sympathy to the family of Cousin Caroline Elsie Fisher Murphy.
John Mark Albritton and Sons Open New Automotive Center in Alabaster, AL
November 4, 2006

John Mark Albritton and sons have announced the opening of Evolution Performance Automotive in Alabaster, AL. Mark is the son of Walter Matthew and Louise Eudene "Dean" Brown Albritton, Jr. and grandson of Walter Matthew and Caroline Johnson Albritton (Uncle Walter and Aunt Caroline). The Grand Opening of Evolution Performace Automotive was  November 4, 2006. Not only will they take care of your everyday car needs, but they also specialize in high performance customization. With a combined 36 years of experience, our cousins definitely know what they're doing! Check them out at  1520 Simmsville Road, Alabaster, AL 35007 (just east of Highway 31 in Alabaster) or give them a call at 205 621-9077. Here is the flyer that was distributed prior to the opening on Nov. 4th.

Congratulations and best of luck, Mark, on this new business undertaking!
Kellet Carmichael Installed as Member of the Daughters of the American Revolution

November 1, 2006

Kellet Stoothoff with family at DAR induction, Nov. 1, 2006

Kellet Stoothoff with mother and grandfather at DAR induction, Nov. 1, 2006

On November 1, 2006, Kellet Carmichael, was inducted into the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, General Sumter Chapter, in Birmingham, AL. The ceremony was held at the Birmingham Country Club. Kellet is the daughter of Melanie Fay Johnson and granddaughter of Wylie Pierson and Lurene "Dolly" Hall Johnson (Uncle Wylie and Aunt Dolly) Johnson. They were in attendance in addition to Kellet's aunt, Barbara Lurene "Bobbie" Johnson Hill, and Wylie Benjamin "Ben" and Jessica Henry Johnson, Kellet's aunt and uncle. Also present for the induction were cousin Orson Lucius "Pete" and Jean Williams Johnson. Pete is the son of David Glenn and Vaunita Oswald Johnson (Uncle Dave and Aunt Vaunita).

Kellet currently lives in Boston, MA, but Kellet made this special trip back home just for this occasion. She follows in a fine tradition. Mother Melanie is also a member of the DAR General Sumter Chapter. Kellet's grandfather Wylie P. Johnson, Uncle Ben Johnson, and Cousin Pete Johnson are all members of the Birmingham Chapter of the National Society Sons of the American Revolution. Uncle Wylie is a past State President of the Alabama SAR.

Pictured in the top photo, left to right, are Pete Johnson, Jean Johnson, Kellet Carmichael, Wylie P. Johnson, Melanie Johnson, Barbara "Bobbie" Hill, Ben Johnson, and Jessica Johnson.

Pictured in the bottom photo, left to right, are Melanie Fay Johnson, Wylie Pierson Johnson, and Kellet Carmichael.

Membership in the NSSAR or NSDAR is open to direct descendants of a Patriot who aided in achieving American independence. Any descendant of Seth and Neva Carmichael Johnson is eligible to join if you so choose.  There are several  lines that qualify you for membership.  For more information about your ancestors who fought for American independence, contact Wylie Pierson Johnson (Uncle Wylie) at 205 914-6969 or email to
Jennifer Kathleen Dissen Weds Luke Johnson, III in Houston, Texas
October 14, 2006

On October 14, 2006, Luke Johnson, III was joined in matrimony to Jennifer Kathleen Dissen in Houston, TX. Luke, III is the son of Luke Johnson, Jr. and Leonora "Norrie" Kerr. Luke, Jr. later married Joan Kaleta Hepburn Blaffer. Luke, III is grandson of Luke and Shirley Irene Roach Johnson (Uncle Luke and Aunt Shirley). Here is the wedding announcement that appeared in the Houston Chronicle on October 29, 2006.

Jennifer Kathleen Dissen, bride of Luke Johnson, IIIMiss Jennifer Kathleen Dissen and Mr. Luke Johnson III were united in marriage on Saturday, October 14, 2006, at seven o'clock in the evening, at St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas. Dr. Tom Pace III, assisted by The Reverend Kyra Anne Kerr, aunt of the groom, performed the double-ring ceremony. Music was provided by Rob Landes, St. Luke's organist, and the Houst Children's Chorus, directed by Stephen Roddy. On the eve of the wedding, Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Towne Baldwin hosted the rehearsal dinner at the Bayou Club. A reception followed the ceremony at River Oaks Coutry Coub, with music by Commercial Art.

The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Stuart Dissen, and the granddaughter of Mrs. Robert Arden Delaney and the late Mr. Delaney, of Angleton, Texas, and the late Mr. and Mrs. William Julius Dissen of Houston. The groom is the sone of Mrs. Gardner Towne Baldwin and the late Mr. Luke Johnson, Jr., of Houston. He is the grandson of the late Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Erastus Kerr, Jr., and the late Mr. and Mrs. Luke Johnson, of Houston.

Given in marriage by her parents and escorted by her father, the bride wore an ivory silk Mikado gown designed by Melissa Sweet. The strapless, scupted A line silhouette featured exquisite embroidery and beading. Clusters of pearls, bugle beads, and stones enhanced the leaf design of the embroidery on the bodice, back and train of the chapel length gown. Completing the look was a cathedral veil of ivory illusion edged in satin.

Laura Stuart Dissen, sister of the bride, served as Maid of Honor. Bridesmaids were Trudy Mayo Tooke Baade, Ashley Anne Dominy, Julia Grace Guthrie, Erika Lea Farris Johnson, Sarah Menefee Langston, and Sara Nyman Tooke Pittman. Kaitlin Ann Baldwin was the Flower Girl.

Thomas Peter Lee Johnson served his brother as Best Man. Groomsmen were John Kim Crafton, James Allen Fulweber, John Brannon Hunt, James Ryan King, Kevin Michael Knight, Daryl Wayne Roper, and Michael Benjamin Sprung. Henry Duff Baldwin was the Ring Bearer.

Honorary Attendants were Carolyn Marie Bodemann, Kaleta Hardin Hepburn Johnson, Betsy Kate Loomer, Sarah Kathryn Lepley Rehwald, and Karrera Irene Starr.

Ushers were Gardner Towne Baldwin, Jr., Geoffrey Duff Baldwin, Wirt Davis Johnson and Seth Carmichael Blaffer Johnson.

Honorary Junior Attendants were Chloe Elizabeth Brants, Sophie Elizabeth Brants, Lily Devan Daphne Loft, Peterson Robards Loft, and Leonora Odelia Sher.

The bride is a graduate of Lamar High School and Texas Christian University, where she obtained a Bacheor of Science degree in Interior Design and was a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. She is a Project Designer for Kathy Andrews Interiors.

The groom is a graduate of The Robert Louis Stevenson School and Northwood University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Automotive Marketing. He is a Vice President of MobeLease, Inc.

Following a honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, the couple will reside in Houston, Texas.

Congratulations and best wishes to Luke, III and Jennifer.
A Family Celebration - Boston to Montreal
September 29 - October 7, 2006

Birthday celebration on US-Canada Cruise, Oct. 5, 2006


On September 29 - Oct. 7, 2006, four children of David Glenn and Vaunita Oswald Johnson (Uncle Dave and Aunt Vaunita) and their spouses and a daughter  enjoyed a cruise aboard Holland America's ms Maasdam from Boston, MA up the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S. and Canada and down the St. Lawrence Waterway to Montreal, Canada. Other ports-of-call included Bar Harbor, ME and in Canada, Halifax and Sydney Nova Scotia; Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island; and Quebec. The family tourists included Dr. Thomas H. and Jeanne Suzanne Johnson Yancey, Dr. Craig and Vaunita Marguerite Johnson Wiegand and their daughter, Dr. Jeanne Lynn Wiegand, Arthur Ferdinand "Ferd" and Mildred Gwendolyn "Millie" Johnson Cohen, and Judge Orson Lucius "Pete" and Jean Williams Johnson.

Several birthdays were celebrated during the journey. Pete, Marguerite, Ferd and Jean all had birthdays in August or October. The picture above was taken aboard the ship on the evening of Oct. 5, when we celebrated all the birthdays in one fell swoop! Pictured above are, back row, left to right, Tom Yancey, Craig Wiegand, Jeroom ____ (ship's electrical engineer,  a very nice young man from Holland, who joined the group for dinner),  Pete Johnson, and Ferd Cohen. Front row, left to right, Jeanne Yancey, Marguerite Wiegand, Jeanne Wiegand, Jean Johnson, and Millie Cohen.

One of the most scenic spots on this journey was the Green Gables house and grounds in north-central Prince Edward Island. (Not on the coast. Requires a bus ride from port of Charlottetown, PEI.) If you are a fan of Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery, you might enjoy seeing some of the photos of this shore excursion.

Recommended as a very fun way to have a family reunion!
Timothy Graham Ryan Wins Auburn Scholarship
Fall, 2006

Graham Ryan picTimothy Graham Ryan has been awarded a very generous four-year academic scholarship to Auburn University! As great an honor as this is, it should come as no surprise. Graham is an outstanding student, a young man of high character, and a very talented athlete. Readers may recall that in the summer of 2006, Graham reached the rank of Eagle Scout and was named "Scholar Athlete of the Week" by The Birmingham News. Read that story here.)

Graham is the son of Timothy Graham "Tim" and Melanie Anne Hill Ryan, grandson of James and Barbara "Bobbie" Johnson Hill and great-grandson of Wylie Pierson and Lurene "Dolly" Hall Johnson (Uncle Wylie and Aunt Dolly). All of the family lives in the Greater Birmingham, AL area.

Congratulations, Graham, and best of luck to you as you begin your studies at Auburn University this Fall! You make the family proud!
More Photos of the 2006 Johnson Family Reunion
We have more great pictures of the 2006 Seth Johnson Family Reunion sent in by Nancy Johnson Harle, daughter of Seth and Kathleen VanHoose Johnson, Jr. (Uncle Seth and Aunt Kathleen). On June 3 of this year, we had a grand celebration of the 100th birthday of Seth Johnson, Jr. (1 June 1906 - 14 July, 1969). It was held in the pecan grove of the Seth Johnson, Jr. home place. Thanks again to the children - Jack & Mary Johnson McGuffey, Doug and Kathy Johnson (who live on the home place!), Swampy & Margaret Johnson, and (in absentia) Nancy Johnson Harle.

Click to see the photos!
Thanks again for sending these, Nancy!
Fond Beach Memories for the Mastin and Trebus Families
September 19, 2006

Mastin family at the beachWe received this fine snapshot of  Michael Dennis and Belinda Joyce "Lindy" Mastin's children and grandchildren taken at the beach. (Click to enlarge.) It's a recent photo, but we don't know the exact location. From that beautiful white sand, it sure looks like our Gulf Coast! Pictured on left are Natalie Mastin and husband John Michael "Jay"Mastin (in dark shirts). Melissa Anne Mastin Trebus holds the newest addition to the family, Jacob Thomas Trebus. Emily Anne Trebus is seated to right of her mother and brother. Father Thomas William Trebus kneels behind (in white shirt) and Seth Alexander "Alex" Mastin, the youngest Mastin sibling, kneels on the right. Their mother/grandmother, Lindy, is daughter of Seth Michael "Mickey" and Joyce Graham O'Brien and granddaughter of Joseph Nathaniel and Dorothy Dixson Johnson O'Brien (Uncle Peanut and Aunt Dot).

When the first frost rolls around, come back to visit this photo.
You'll feel warm all over again. Thanks for sharing, Joyce O'Brien! You can email Joyce at obrien204(at)charter(dot)net.
Introducing Private Luke M. Johnson USMC
September 11, 2006

Proud father Parley P. Johnson, Jr. sends the following wonderful news about his son, Luke McIntyre Johnson. Luke is grandson of Parley Philip and Edith Christine Fail Johnson (Uncle Philip and Aunt Christine). Congratulations and good luck, Luke!

Introducing, Private Luke M. Johnson USMC.
He graduated Marine Corps Boot Camp on Friday morning 8 Sept 2006.  Attending were Dad (Parley P. Jr.) , Mom (Callie Gail), sister (Callie Beth), nephew Kaden Michael Graham, Granny Bettye Pickron & friend Greg Harrison. We visited with his Aunt Carol and Grandma Johnson in Montgomery on the way home.  Luke is on leave for 10 days and is to report NLT 13:00 hours EDT Tues. 19 Sept 2006 for the Marine Corps Combat Training Course - MCT located at Camp Geiger, Jacksonville, NC. Afterwards he will either train as 0511 Enlisted Planner at Norfolk, VA or 0651/0656 Network Technician at 29 Palms, CA. His brother, L/Cpl. Parley P. Johnson, III was unable to attend due to being deployed to Iraq.

Semper Fi & All the Best,
Parley P. Jr.
Parleypjr (at) aol (dot) com
Pvt. Luke M. Johnson USMC
Platoon 3073
India Company
3rd Recruit Training Battalion
Parris Island, SC
Fri. 8 Sep 2006

(Click photo to view
enlarged picture.)
Pvt Luke Johnson

Luke Johnson's Platoon
Platoon 3073
India Company
3rd Recruit Training Battalion

(Click photo to view enlarged picture.)

Three new grandbabies in the Berkstresser family!
September 7, 2006

Richard Kyle "Dick" and Laurida Emily Albritton Berkstresser have three new grandchildren! This cute picture taken in Spring, '06, shows them in their pumpkin seats all in a row. (There's a nursery rhyme in here somewhere...)

Berkstresser Grandchildren 8.30.06

L to R:
  • Clark Randal Johnson, born 26 January 2006,
    son of Warren Clark "JR" & Margie Helen Berkstresser Johnson
  • Anna Elizabeth Brech, born 21 January, 2006,
    daughter of Michael Scott & Wanda Carol Berkstresser Brech
  • Nathan Kade Sides, born 7 March, 2006,
    son of Thomas Ashley and Laura Lea Berkstresser Sides
All are great-grandchildren of Walter Matthew and Caroline Johnson Albritton (Uncle Walter and Aunt Caroline). Congratulations to the Berkstressers! What a beautiful bounty!
Caroline Fisher Murphy in very poor health
August 27, 2006

We were saddened to learn that cousin Caroline ("Carol") Fisher Murphy has been diagnosed with brain cancer. Carol is the granddaughter of Mary Larkin Johnson Brockway Pierson. Aunt Mary was the daughter of Caroline Adelia Dixson and Philip Paddleford Johnson and thus sister of Seth Johnson. Her daughter, Terri Murphy, reports that Carol's life expectancy is only 1 to 3 months. She is in rehabilitation near her home in Satellite Beach, FL. Carol's daughter-in-law, Lucy Austin Murphy (wife of Carol's son Michael James "Elby" Murphy), wrote the following to Terri on Aug. 23, 2006:

Caroline Fisher Murphy on 8/24/06 pic 2Carol Fisher Murphy on 8/24/06 pic 1Carol is settling in well at her new location.  She has her ups and downs as this last weekend she was not feeling well and did not seem to recognize people, it is almost like she has a flu bug.  She is better now and I have attached a few pictures of her and Elby that I took on Monday.  She has physical therapy 5 days a week and also occupational therapy.  She can't get up by herself she has to be put in a wheel chair she will not use her left side at all unless you tell her to she also tends to doze off to sleep when you are not talking to her.  Yesterday for the first time since she went to the hospital she was reading her book, you have to give it to her and help her get started but then she seems to enjoy reading.

Cousin Carol loves her extended Johnson family, and she has expressed this in both word and deed. She has played an important role in assuring that our genealogical history is broad and accurately recorded. Wylie Pierson Johnson (Uncle Wylie) recently wrote the following to Carol's daughter, Terri:

I will always be grateful for your mother's visits with my sister Caroline. I frequently had the pleasure of joining them during those visits between 1976 and my sister Caroline's death in 1998. My friendship with her goes back to our youth when she lived in Ford City, PA. I had the pleasure of visiting several times at the stately Fisher home in Ford City where she grew up. She was a big contributor of much family data for the Solomon Johnson genealogy book which I had published in December 2002.

Please keep Cousin Carol in your thoughts and prayers. You can send your love and best wishes to her at this address:

Mrs. Caroline Fisher Murphy
375 Park Ave.
Satellite Beach, FL 32578

You can email Terri Murphy at
Rollins1977 (at) aol (dot) com

or Lucy and Elby Murphy at
murphylucille (at) hotmail (dot) com

Johnson Family blessed with new arrivals!

  • Madison Reese Johnson
    Born 9 May, 2006

  • Amber Louise Johnson
    Born 17 May, 2006

  • Kaden Michael Graham
    Born 13 July, 2006
August 14, 2006

Within recent months there have been several  beautiful babies born into the Johnson Family! We are very happy to announce the following new arrivals, all great-great-grandchildren of Seth and Neva Kate Carmichael Johnson. Congratulations to all!

Madison Reese JohnsonHolly Michelle Orr Johnson and husband Spencer Inge Johnson announced the birth of their daughter, Madison Reese Johnson, born on May 9, 2006 in Fairhope, AL. Madison Reese is the granddaughter of William Spencer and Mary Ann Moore Johnson and great-granddaughter of David Glenn and Vaunita Marguerite Opal Oswald Johnson (Uncle Dave and Aunt Vaunita). Ryan Tanner Johnson, who will be 3 years old on September 14, is a great big brother for his little sis. You can e-mail parents Inge and Holly at

Amber Louise Johnson was born to Terri Diane Norsworthy and husband Orson Alexander "Andy" Johnson, III on May 17, 2006 at the Baptist East Hospital in Montgomery, AL.  Amber Louise is the granddaughter of Orson Alexander "Alex" Johnson, Jr. and his first wife, Brenda Fay Talley, and great-granddaughter of Orson Alexander "Pete" and Iberia Louise Pierce Johnson (Uncle Pete and Aunt Louise).

Amber Louise Johnson, born May 17, 2006. Pic taken May 24, 2006.Douglas ("Doug" Eugene Smitherman, Jr., kindergarten grad Spring 2006

-- We now have a picture of little Amber Louise (above left)! This was taken on May 24, 2006 at home in Deatsville, AL. Amber Louise has two proud big brothers, Jason Corey Smithersman and Douglas ("Doug") Eugene Smitherman, Jr.. Doug is extra proud because not only is he a new big brother, he also graduated from kindergarten this Spring (pictured above right)!

Kaden Michael GrahamParley Phillip, Jr. and Callie Gail Pickron Johnson proudly announced the birth of their first grandchild, Kaden Michael Graham. They sent the following announcement:

Callie Elizabeth Johnson Graham & husband
Joey Lee Graham of Jacksonville, North Carolina wish to announce the birth of their son, Kaden Michael Graham on Thursday 13 July 2006 at 09:58 CDT at the Onslow County Hospital in Jacksonville, NC.  Kaden Michael Graham weighed in at 5 pounds 3 ounces, 18 & 1/2 inches long. Head is 12 & 1/2 inches and chest is 11" inches. Both Mother and child are fine.

Little Kaden is also the grandson of Jim and Karen Graham, great-grandson of Parley Phillip and Edith Christine Fail Johnson (Uncle Phillip and Aunt Christine), and great-grandson of Ivory and Bettye Lolley Pickron.

Kaden's Great Great Uncle Wylie P. Johnson says that he looks just like his (Kaden's) Great Granddaddy Parley Phillip Johnson - "especially those big brown eyes." Do you see it?  You can email grandparents Parley and Callie at

Update from Patricia Murphy McCormick
August 14, 2006

Back in May, we received news from Patricia Kay Murphy McCormick, daughter of May Nora "Katie" Johnson and John Gribbin Murphy, Jr. (Aunt Katie and Uncle Johnny). She writes:

I got married on Nov 10, 2005 to George Robert McCormick, he goes by Robert. He has one son, Ryan Oscar who lives with us.  Robert is a Superintendent at Clement Group in Montgomery, AL.
I have a new address:  1671 County Road  Prattville, AL  36067
My email address is

Thanks for writing, Pat. Best wishes to you and Robert for a long and happy marriage!
Jared Lee Tatum serves his nation
August 3, 2006

Jared Lee TatumAnother Johnson family member is following in the military tradition with high honor. Jared Lee Tatum, son of Jerry Lee and Jo Carol Murphy Tatum, graduated from Army boot camp at Fort Jackson, SC on July 28th. He was in the top of his class! This is an outstanding accomplishment, especially considering the fact that he turned 29 while in boot camp. He's still in his prime!

Jared is now at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma for seven weeks of Artillery Training. Jared is is the grandson of John Gribbin and May Nora Johnson Murphy (Uncle Johnny and Aunt Katie). Your family is very proud of you, Jared, and many thanks for serving our country! To find out more about Jared's military service, contact mother Jo Carol ("Jody") at
Graham Ryan, Scholar-Athlete and Eagle Scout
July 27, 2006

Timothy Graham Ryan, son of Tim and Melanie Anne Hill Ryan, recently received two high honors for which all the Johnson family can be very proud! On July 5, 2006, he was recognized by The Birmingham News as that publication's "Scholar Athlete of the Week." See the article below to read about Graham and the many reasons he was chosen by The News for this honor.

In late July, Graham was also raised to Eagle Scout, the highest advancement rank in Scouting. An Eagle Scout must work many years to earn the required number of merit badges, complete a community service project, and demonstrate superior leadership, service, and outdoor skills.

Graham is the grandson of James and Barbara "Bobbie" Johnson Hill and great-grandson of Wylie and Lurene "Dolly" Hall Johnson. Congratulations, Graham!

The Birmingham News,
July 5, 2006,
page 12H

Graham Ryan picScholar-Athlete of the week, Graham Ryan, Spain Park HS

The Birmingham News,
July 5, 2006,
page 12H

Year: Junior;

Academic highlights: Graham has a 3.6 grade-point average and scored a 30 on the ACT. He is a former Finley Award recipient. He is also a Boy Scouts Life Scout, a hut leader at Camp Winnataska and is involved in Habitat for Humanity, Carpenters for Christ and World Changers. In the Spain Park Concert Choir, Graham is the bass section leader.

Athletic highlights: Graham plays center/forward for the Jaguars' varsity basketball team.

Where do you see your academic future? I plan on attending college at Auburn University and working towards a degree in building science.

Where do you see your athletic future? I hope to play intramural basketball in college and stay in shape after high school.

Favorite subject: English, because I enjoy reading and writing, and it has always come naturally to me.

Who has been a major positive influence on you? My mom and dad, Tim and Melanie Ryan, because they are always there for me, and they have always strived to set a Christian example for my sister and me. Also, my uncle, Daniel Hill, because as I was growing up, he always took the time to take me camping, hunting and fishing, and he taught me a lot of what I know about the outdoors. If I could turn out to be like him, I think I could consider myself a success.

What is your favorite sports memory? Playing against Hoover three times in the past season and beating them all three times.

Study secrets: I write down the notes given by the teacher in class and read over the material before the test.
A high point trip around the Southeast
July 7, 2006

James Hill, Wylie Johnson, Fred Johnson pic

In June 2006, Dr. Frederick Orson "Fred" Johnson, of Berkeley, CA, visited his cousin Wylie Pierson Johnson in Vestavia Hills, AL. Wylie's son-in-law, James Allen Hill, joined the party, and the three traveled to the highest points in each of three states:  Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida. Click here to view their photos.
MarineThe Johnson military
tradition continues

July 4, 2006

On this Independence Day, it is fitting to remember the sacrifice that so many Johnson family members have made to defend the United States of America. As example, all three children of Callie Gail and Parley Philip Johnson, Jr., son of Uncle Parley Philip Johnson, are Marines or spouse of a Marine! Read their family news as written by Parley P., Jr.. The story includes addresses, so please do write and express your support as they endure much to defend our country. And the tradition continues...

Luke McIntyre JohnsonOur son, Luke McIntyre Johnson left on the 12th of June from Gunter Field Montgomery, AL for active duty with the U.S. Marines.  We spent the fortnight with His Grandmother and Aunt Carol in Montgomery.  Seth Veder and Tammy came over to Gunter Field to help see him off.  I met them at the main gate and signed them onto base.  Seth Veder served in the Marines in 1957 for four years.  Luke shipped out 30 years almost to the day from when I did in 1976.  We have received a few letters from Luke and he sounds good!

 Parris Island sign
His mailing address while at Boot Camp is:
    •    RCT. JOHNSON, Luke M.
    •    PLT 3073  3rd BN  I. CO.
    •    Box 13073
    •    Parris Island, SC 29905-3073
Please send him a letter of encouragement when you can. He is scheduled to graduate Boot Camp on Friday 8 September. We plan to be at Parris Island for the ceremony. Then bring him home for 10 days leave. He will report on 19 Sept to the Marine Combat Trainingat Camp Geiger, Jacksonville, NC for 4 weeks.
Callie & Joey GrahamOur daughter, Callie Elizabeth and her husband L/Cpl. Joseph Lee Graham USMC have moved to serve in the Marines at MCAS New River, North Carolina.  He will be working on the Marine Heavy Helicopter, the CH53.  They have their first bungalow at:

    •    L/Cpl & Mrs Joey Graham
    •    304A Richlands Avenue
    •    Jacksonville, NC 28540

They are expecting our first Grandchild the first week of August.  It is a boy to be named Kaden Michael Graham.  All is well so far. He is to be born at the ONSLOW COUNTY HOSPITAL in Jacksonville, NC.
Luke McIntyre will be about 20 minutes away from Callie Beth and Joey when he goes through Marine Combat Training up there at Camp Geiger, NC.
Luke McIntyre JohnsonL/Cpl. Parley P. Johnson, III USMC has returned to his duties at the Del Mar Beach Area of Camp Pendleton, CA right on the Pacific Ocean near the city of Oceanside, CA.  His barracks is about four blocks from the Pacific Ocean !  He has received his warning order to deploy to Iraq on 19 August with the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force "1st MEF"  He will be in the rear with the gear, FIXIN' Marine Corps radios.  They told him he would be there about 7 months.
Callie Gail and I plan to fly out to see him off before he leaves and drive his car back to Florida for him.

Parley P., Jr.

Johnson Family Reunion 2006 (and Seth Johnson, Jr.'s 100th birthday party!)
June 7, 2006

(and Seth Johnson, Jr.'s
100th birthday celebration!)

June 3, 2006
2611 Redland Road
Wetumpka, AL

One hundred and nine Johnson family members thoroughly enjoyed the family reunion this year at the home place of Seth and Kathleen VanHoose Johnson in Wetumpka. It was an extra special day because we also celebrated Uncle Seth's 100th birthday!

Thank you very much, Doug, Mary, Margaret, and Nancy, for hosting a wonderful family reunion and birthday party!

Matriarch Janie Farmer Graham passes in Wetumpka May 4, 2006

Nancy Anne O'Brien Borders, of Clarksville, TN, passed along the sad news that her grandmother, Janie Farmer Graham, has passed away in Wetumpka at the age of 92. Mrs. Graham was the mother of Joyce Graham O'Brien, wife of Seth Michael "Mickey" O'Brien. Mickey was the son of Joseph Nathaniel and Dorothy Dixson Johnson O'Brien (Uncle "Peanut" and Aunt "Dot"). This honored matriarch was also well loved by our Albritton family in Wetumpka. We send our prayers and sympathies to all the family. You can email a note to Nancy Borders at Here is Mrs. Graham's obituary:

"Janie Farmer Graham, 92, died on Thursday, April 27, at Jackson Hospital. Funeral service will be at 2 p.m. Sunday, April 30, at the First Presbyterian Church in Wetumpka. Burial will be in the Santuck Baptist Church Cemetery with Gassett Funeral Home of Wetumpka directing. The service will be conducted by the Reverend Jim Reece and the Reverend David Terrinoni.

"Janie, affectionately known by her grandchildren as Bubba, leaves a devoted family, church family, and many friends to cherish her memory. She was an elder and the oldest female member of the First Presbyterian Church in Wetumpka. Her family include daughters: Joyce O'Brien of Albertville, Janice (Don) Whorton, and Brysene (Ronnie) Lee of Wetumpka; granddaughters: Lindy (Mike) Mastin of Albertville, Nancy (Lee) Borders of Clarksville, Tenn., Carol (Chet) Matthews of Titus, Beth (Ricky) Roberts of Wetumpka, and Alison (Trey) Glenn of Montgomery; great-grandchildren: Lee (Heather) Borders of Houston, Texas., Neva (Brian) Huddleston of Auburn, Melissa (Thomas) Trebus of Albertville, Jay (Natalie) Mastin of Brandon, Ms., Alex Mastin of Albertville, Abbie Brown and Caroline Brown of Titus, Macy Matthews of Montgomery, Chase Roberts and Madison Roberts of Wetumpka, Bryce Glenn, Katie Glenn, and Braden Glenn of Montgomery; great-great-grandchildren: Emily Anne Trebus and Jake Trebus of Albertville. She also leaves two sisters: Lorean Maddox and Irelle McCullers of Titus. Janie was predeceased by her parents, Ezra and Mamie Farmer, her husband, W. Bryson Graham, and son-in-law, the Reverend S. Michael O'Brien.

"Pallbearers will be grandsons-in-law: Mike Mastin, Lee Borders, Chet Matthews, Ricky Roberts, and Trey Glenn, and great-grandsons: Lee Borders, Jr., Jay Mastin, and Alex Mastin.

"Flowers will be accepted, or memorial donations may be made to the First Presbyterian Church of Wetumpka or the Presbyterian Children's Home in Talladega. Visitation will be from 5 until 8 p.m. on Saturday, April 29, at Gassett Funeral Home in Wetumpka."
Carrie Burt Johnson earns BS from Auburn University
April 28, 2006

Carrie Burt Johnson will graduate from Auburn University on May 11, 2006 with the Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Science! She also reports,

Carrie Johnson jpgI will be working in North Alabama at Skyline Wildlife Management Area this summer and fall as a Biologist Technician. I plan on coming back to Auburn in the spring for Graduate School too!

Carrie is the daughter of Charles McIntyre ("Charlie") and Jane Elizabeth Tucker Johnson, granddaughter of Charles McIntyre and Laura Gene Burt Johnson (Uncle Mac and Aunt Gene), and gr-granddaughter of Seth and Neva Kate Carmichael Johnson.

Congratulations to Carrie for this fine academic accomplishment! You can email to her at
Luke McIntyre Johnson graduates Paxton High Class of 2006
April 28, 2006

Congratulations to Luke McIntyre Johnson on his graduation from Paxton High School in Paxton, FL, Class of 2006! He's also focused on his future...

Luke McIntyre Johnson jpgI am planing to go into the Marine Corps during the summer, and when I come back to attend the L.B.W. Community College near home. After my two years I will do my best to get into Auburn to finish a degree while going through ROTC (Recruit Officer Training Course) I will be doing my best to become an Officer in the Marine Corps. That is my goal for the next 10 years.

Luke McIntyre is the son of Parley Philip (Jr.) and Callie Gail Pickron Johnson, grandson of Parley Philip and Edith Christine Fail Johnson (Uncle Philip and Aunt Christine), and gr-grandson of Seth and Neva Kate Carmichael Johnson.

You can send a message to Luke McIntyre through dad Parley Philip, Jr. at
Welcome, Jeffery Seth Cohen! April 20, 2006

Jeffery Seth Cohen pictureCongratulations to Arthur Patton and Jennifer Reynolds Cohen on the birth of their son, Jeffery Seth Cohen! Jeffery was born April 12, 2006, in Mooresboro, NC. Father Arthur is the son of Arthur Ferdinand ("Ferd") and Mildred Gwendolyn Johnson Cohen of Americus, GA, grandson of David Glenn ("Dave") and Vaunita Oswald Johnson (Uncle Dave and Aunt Vaunita), and gr-grandson of Seth and Neva Kate Carmichael Johnson.

Both mother and baby are doing fine. Brother Spencer and sister Samantha are happy to welcome their new little brother to the family. The family thanks all for their prayers and well wishes. If you would like to send a note to Jenny and Arthur, mail to:
3702 Cliffside Road
Mooresboro, NC  28114

or email to
Bill Kahler passes
March 21, 2006

We are saddened to report that Bill Kahler, husband of Marilyn "Mary" Kasch Kahler, has passed away. (See the Kahler message below for information about his illness.) Daughter Kathy Kahler Kirkpatrick writes, "My father passed away peacefully this morning, March 21.  Mother is doing fine.  We are currently making arrangements.  Thank you all for your prayers and concern."

Our prayers and sympathy go out to the Kahler family. If you wish to write to the family, send to
115 Hillside Drive, Minden, IA 51553-2022 or e-mail Mary at
Gordon Kasch in ill health
March 21, 2006

In the previous message we gave news on the health of Marilyn "Mary" Kasch Kahler's husband Bill. Now comes word that Mary's brother Gordon Kasch is in ill health. As is his sister, Gordon is son of Flora May Johnson Kasch, daughter of "Haddy" Johnson. (See the message below for other details on the family connection.) Please keep all the Kasch family in your thoughts and prayers.

Hello everyone,

My Dad had hip replacement 10 days ago and is in the hospital with complications of hospital acquired pneumonia and staph.  He is having surgery March 21, to check out his new hip appliance and verify that the infection has not spread to his new hip. You can send well wishes to Box 22 Minden, IA 51553. I am in Minden with my parents to help Mom as she cannot go to the hospital because she has influenza.  Please keep my parents in your prayers and thoughts for their recovery.
Tonya Kasch Meyer
A Message on the health of Bill Kahler
March 20, 2006

The following message was sent from Kathy Kahler Kirkpatrick regarding her father Bill Kahler's health. Kathy's mother, Marilyn "Mary" Kasch Kahler, is a granddaughter of Hazzard "Haddy" Larkin Johnson, oldest brother of our patriarch Seth Johnson. Uncle Wylie P. Johnson always enjoys conversation with Bill and Mary Kahler at the Johnson family reunion each year in Iowa. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Hello, everyone:  

My family and I wanted to let you know that my Dad's health has deteriorated.  He is in the hospital with congestive heart failure and related complications.  The doctor has ordered no visitors or phone calls please.  We ask that if you would like to send get well wishes, please do so by card (115 Hillside Drive, Minden, IA 51553-2022) or e-mail.  

We will keep you posted via e-mail as things progress.  We thank you all for your kind concern and appreciate your patience and understanding during this difficult time.  Keep Dad and my family in your prayers.  

Hope you are all well.

Kathy (Kahler) Kirkpatrick
Welcome a new family addition, Nathan Kade Sides!
March 13, 2006

Laura (Laurida Albritton Berkstresser's daughter) and her husband Ashley Sides had their third son, Nathan Kade Sides last Tuesday 7 March 2006.  He is 22 inches long and weighed in at a whopping 11 pounds. His older brothers are: Kyle b. 25 Jun 1995 and Klay b. 3 Feb 2000.

Nancy Ann Holcomb Willis sends greetings!

from Nancy Willis <>
February 25, 2006
Nancy Ann Holcomb WillisWe received an email recently from Nancy Ann Holcomb Willis. Uncle Wylie (Wylie P. Johnson)  tells us that she is the wife of John Girard Willis who is a great grandson of Philip Paddleford Johnson's daughter Nancy Johnson Hysham. Nancy is a regular  "emailer" with members of the family, and she thought some of you might like to see whom you're corresponding with.   She writes, "This is a picture that was taken of me recently at work.  Know it's been a long time since some of you saw me (and some of you never have)!"

Thanks for sharing with us, Nancy!
In the news - memories and history of the O.T. Johnson Store in Galesburg, IL

from Frederick O. "Fred" Johnson <>
February 25, 2006

Recent articles in Galesburg's Register-Mail newspaper (click article title):

Joyce O'Brien announces birth of new great-grandson, Jacob Thomas ("Jake") Trebus 

from Joyce O'Brien <>
February 17, 2006

Baby Joseph Thomas Trebus with proud sister and father.Proud great-grandmother Joyce Graham O'Brien sends this happy announcement of a fine addition to their family. Joyce's late husband was Seth Michael "Mickey" O'Brien, son of Joseph Nathaniel "Peanut" and Dorothy Dixson "Dot" Johnson O'Brien.

"Our new baby arrived today.  Jacob Thomas Trebus was born today, Feb. 17, 2006, at 2:45 P.M. at Marshall Medical Center South in Boaz, AL.  He weighed 7 pounds, 10 ounces, and was 20 inches long.  Proud parents are Melissa (Mastin) and Thomas Trebus.  Grandparents are Lindy (O'Brien) and Mike Mastin. ..."

Click the small picture of the Trebus family for an enlargement!
William Seth Johnson accepts Peace Corps assignment to Bolivia

from Pete and Jean Johnson <>
February 5, 2006

Orson L. "Pete" and Jean Williams Johnson send the following news about their son, William Seth Johnson (Seth). We are proud that he has volunteered to serve in the Peace Corps. Seth is grandson of David and Vaunita Oswald Johnson and great-grandson of Seth and Neva Carmichael Johnson. Pete and Jean wrote this to family and friends:

It's Bolivia! Seth has just learned that he will be assigned there for his time as a Peace Corps volunteer (approximately 2 years altogether). On May 10 he will go to Cochabamba for a few months orientation before going to his long-term location. Cochabamba is about 230 miles SE of La Paz, the capitol. We don't know where his long-term assignment in Bolivia will be. Cochabamba "lies in a fertile valley. Its weather is mild and pleasant," according to Bolivia Web. Bolivia's climate and terrain are quite varied - from the Andes Mountains (highest Nevado Sajama 6,542 m) to Amazon Basin (Rio Paraguay) so who knows....

We're happy and excited for Seth, but also nervous in anticipation of the unknown. Our "baby" is going out into the world on a great adventure!

We'll post Seth's address and other news as we get it. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
News of cousins Milo Johnson and "Jo" Johnson Parker

from Milo Johnson and "Jo" Johnson Parker
(Sorry, don't have email addresses.)
January 31, 2006

Milo Johnson recently visited sister Josephine Johnson Parker and her family in Commerce, TX. Milo and Jo are grandchildren of Uncle Dan and Aunt Mary Taylor Johnson. Read more and see the snaps!
O.T. Johnson's Store, historic landmark of Galesburg, IL, destroyed by fire.

From Frederick O. "Fred" Johnson <>
February 4, 2006

Update! - Read the latest news story about the O.T. Johnson store fire in the Galesburg Register-Mail. Pictures of "the great fire" are now posted here.

January 23, 2006

In Galesburg, IL in the early morning hours of January 23, 2006, the building that housed the department store founded by Orson Thomas Johnson in 1862 was totally destroyed by fire. Before the store finally closed in 1978, "O.T.'s" or "The Big Store", as it was known, was an historic landmark of national proportions. At one time it was the largest department store in the mid-west south of Chicago. The Galesburg news article on Orson Thomas Johnson and his grand business venture is fascinating. Read the history hereRead about the tragic fire here (published in Galesburg's newspaper The  Register-Mail, on 1/23/06). 

Cousin Frederick Orson ("Fred") Johnson  <> of Berkely, CA passed on this sad news. He received word from Patty Mosher, Archivist in the Galesburg Public Library.  She wrote "... the wonderful old store that we fondly remember as just OT's has burned to the ground. There was a small fire in the annex part of the building behind the store and was put out quickly. But another fire started this morning at 1:30 am and both buildings are gone. The store front is just a pile of bricks. I am so glad that Seth [Seth Harley Johnson, Fred's son. -- JJ] visited when he did to take some good photos of it. I wish I could have gone in just one more time to take some photos of the architecture of the place but the owner wouldn't let me when I asked a couple of years ago. What a sad thing this is for Galesburg who truly loved that building."

Orson Thomas Johnson was Fred's great-grandfather and brother of Seth Johnson's father, Philip Paddleford Johnson.
Mark Your Calendar for the Johnson Family Reunion on Saturday, June 3, 2006!

From Mary McGuffy <>
January 10, 2006

fife and drum corpsCousin Mary McGuffey writes, "The Seth Johnson, Jr. family will host the Johnson Family Reunion in the Pecan Orchard at 2611 Redland Road, Wetumpka, Alabama. Home of Doug and Kathy Johnson on Saturday June 3, 2006  to celebrate the 100th Birthday of Seth, Jr., June 1,1906."

Uncle Wylie Pierson Johnson writes of fond memories of the Pecan Grove in front of Doug and Kathy's home at New Bingham and the lovely Johnson Reunion held there in 1969. Seventy-nine were in attendance. Uncle Seth's 100th birthday is a fine occasion to return once again.

So, be sure to mark your calendar and reserve that date -  Saturday, June 3, 2006 (NOTE June not July)! We'll provide more information as the date nears. If you have questions in the meantime, you may e-mail Mary at

Cousin "Tottie" Flint Joyce is 100 years young!
October 29, 2005

Happy Birthday, Cousin Anna Katharine "Tottie" Flint Joyce!

She is the daughter of Katharine M. Johnson and Frederick Willson Flint, Jr., and granddaughter of Orson Thomas Johnson and Anna Craven.  (O. T. Johnson was brother of Philip Paddleford Johnson.) We have some pictures of Cousin Tottie at her birthday celebration on 19 Aug 2005 in Carmel, CA, courtesy of Frederick "Fred" O. Johnson, II. See the birthday party here. This is proof that Cousin Tottie is still a beauriful lady at 100! 
Coach David Henry Johnson - an inspiration to and leader of champions!
October 29, 2005

David Henry Johnson's Lee County (GA) Trojans Win Regional Championship!

David Henry Johnson, youngest child of Parley Philip Johnson and Edith Christine Fail, was hired as head coach at Lee County (GA) High School in the summer of 2004. The Trojans didn't win a game in 2003, but under David's leadership, they are on a winning track. Uncle Wylie Pierson Johnson reports that they won four games in 2004 and now, in 2005, they are regional champions! David recently wrote to Uncle Wylie, "... Tonight (21 Oct 2005) in Thomasville, Ga. we defeated Thomas County Central for the State of Georgia region 1-AAAA championship. That is the FIRST time in the school's history for Lee County. We are 9-1 overall and have a week off before the playoffs begin. We will have home field advantage thru-out the playoffs."

Uncle Wylie also reports that the Trojan's starting quarterback (a senior) on the team is being recruited by the Florida State Seminoles.

Congratulations and good luck to Coach Johnson and the Lee County Trojans! Check here soon for an update on the playoffs!

Military family news!
Tami and Don Sellers
~August 1, 2005

Dear Friends and Family,

Don and I hope that this letter reaches you all happy and healthy. The last year has been rather turbulent for us. In March Don finished his training in Fort Huachuca Arizona and we moved to Fort Carson Colorado. Fort Carson is near Colorado Springs and is beautiful. We were fortunate to have housing on post available and we have made many friends. It has been nice to be so close to other military families.
Don spent most of April and May in Iraqi Readiness Training and then on June 11 he deployed to Iraq. Don is a member of the 3rd ACR (Armored Cavalry Regiment). He is a part of the 66 MI unit attached to the 3rd ACR. At this time almost the whole 3rd ACR is deployed in Iraq and they are scheduled to come home in March 2006. Currently, Don is in extreme North West Iraq. I'm not sure how long he will be there however because his job requires a great deal of movement.
While we have some anxiety about him being in a combat zone, we take great comfort in knowing that it is where he wants to be. Most of you know that for the last year, he has been trying as hard as he could to get over there. Don needs to be with his buddies that he trained with. He is good at his job and this job fits him well. We trust that he will return home safely.
In the meantime, we would appreciate all of your prayers, not just for Don, but for all the soldiers and their families. Our new contact information is:

PFC Donald and Tami Sellers
5542 A Fort Street
Fort Carson, CO 80913
Phone: 719-432-8251
New Email:

With Love,

Tami and Don Sellers

Mike Conley
24 March, 2005

[Cousins, update your address books with this from Mike Conley!]
CityStateZip: GRIFFIN, GA. 30223
Phone: 770-412-1210

Judy Davis
2 Feb, 2005

Ronnie and I plan to take the Belgian team and the bigger wagon (so we can ride more children at one time) to the reunion this year....still cold and
dreary out, looking forward to spring,

Peace and Good Times to all, Judy Nora

Walter Albritton, Jr.
11 July, 2004

"...our families do plan to host the reunion the Johnson Family Reunion at Wanemalase in Bingham*, Elmore County, AL, on July 2, 2005, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Present plans are to eat at 12:45, to allow more time for swimming, fun, games, talking and visiting before the meal. Steve and Amy Albritton have done a terrific job remodeling our old home place and are eager to let their relatives see it. We will provide more details later. ... We are open to suggestions from anyone in the family.


Walter and Dean Albritton
Neva Williams
Margie Flomer
Seth and Pearl Albritton"

* Please note that this is in Old Bingham, not New Bingham on Redland Road where Douglas Johnson. A map and directions will be posted on this site at a later date. Thanks for this reminder Uncle Wylie! -- Web Editor..

David Henry Johnson
10 July, 2004

"Hi, we have finally gotten moved in over here in Georgia. Between work and the workers putting in sod and fences and finishing touches on the house it has been a whirlwind few weeks. Sorry we missed everyone at the reunion, We have definite plans for next year to be there. Hope you and all yours are doing well. We are still learning our way around Albany and Leesburg. I am already on contract and working all day and then coming home and working some more.

Our new address is
147 Pine Summit Drive
Leesburg, Ga. 31763

Our phone is 229-420-3514 and my cell is 229-854-2851.

Tell everyone hello and take care.

David Henry"

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