Rountree, Josephine

9 October 2009

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update at bottom of this post for a special message from Josephine’s daughter Tana Rountree and Josephine’s obituary.]

We are very sad to report that Josephine “Josie” Pierson O’Brien Rountree passed away this morning. This from her sister-in-law, Joyce O’Brien.

Josephine died about 12:30 P.M. today, October 9, 2009, at the nursing home in Ocean Springs, MS.  Please keep the family in your prayers.   They are planning to have a memorial service, and the plans will be on the website as soon as they are completed.

Josephine was the daughter of Joseph Nathaniel and Dorothy Dixson Johnson O'Brien (Uncle "Joe" and Aunt "Dot"). Wylie Pierson Johnson (Uncle Wylie) adds this remembrance of Josephine’s birth and family history:

Josephine Pierson O'Brien was the first baby born in Montgomery, Al in 1940, She was born 1 January 1940, New Years Day, shortly after midnight, while people were still singing Auld Lang Syne. The Montgomery Advertiser did a feature article on her arrival as the first child born in Montgomery in 1940.

 Josephine's mother, my sister Dot, told me she named her Pierson after me. I always accepted the fact that I shared that honor with my father's sister, my aunt Mary Larkin Johnson Brockway Pierson,  after whom I was named Pierson.


UPDATE: The following sent from Tana this afternoon (10/9/09)...

I want to let everyone know my sweet little mama, Josephine O'Brien Rountree, passed away today. She showed her strength & courage til the very end. There are not enough words to say how very proud of her I am.

As of right now, we are planning a memorial service for her on Tuesday, Oct 13, 2009, at 4:00 pm with a visitation at 3:00 pm at the First Presbyterian Church in Ocean Springs, MS. Scottie & I are going to the funeral home this afternoon to take care of the arrangements.

We are asking that in lieu of flowers donations be made to the American Cancer Society &/or the Humane Society of South Mississippi.

Thanks for all of the prayers, cards, & visits. I cannot tell you how much they meant to Mama.

Love,Tana, Scottie, & family

Following is Josephine’s obituary to appear in the Ocean Springs, MS newspaper, The Sun Herald, on 11 October 2009.

Josephine “Jo” Pierson O’Brien Rountree, age 69, of Ocean Springs, MS, died Friday, October 09, 2009 in Ocean Springs after a very courageous battle with cancer.

Josephine was the first baby born on January 1, 1940, in Montgomery, AL.Josephine retired from the Air Force Reserves in 2000 and she was very proud of her military life.

Josephine is preceded in death by her parents, Joseph N. and Dorothy J. O’Brien and by her brother, Seth Michael “Mickey” O’Brien.

Survivors include her daughter, Tana Rountree; her son, Scott Rountree; her five grandchildren, Ricky Rountree, Brandi Rountree, Jaden Rountree, Clifford Kostmayer, and Dustin Kostmayer; her sister-in-law, Joyce G. O’Brien; her sister, Neva L Brewer and several nieces and nephews.

Visitation will be on Tuesday, October 13, 2009 from 3pm – 4pm with a memorial service immediately following, all at First Presbyterian Church of Ocean Springs in Ocean Springs, MS.

In lieu of flowers, the family request donations to the American Cancer Society and/or the Humane Society of South Mississippi.


28 September 2009

Following is the latest update on the condition of Josephine “Josie” Rountree from Tana Rountree (her daughter). As you may recall, Josie was diagnosed in April, 2009 as having cancer. Tana has been kind enough to keep the family informed about her mother over the last months. See all of those posts here. Josie is the daughter of Joseph Nathaniel and Dorothy Dixson Johnson O'Brien (Uncle "Joe" and Aunt "Dot").

Not really sure where to start, but here it goes. Hospice has been called in to begin caring for Mama. It appears that during the last week, Mama has started to make a turn for the worse. The hospice nurse talked with Scottie & me & then spent some time with Mama. Afterwards Scottie visited with Mama & she told him that she's not afraid anymore, that the way she is living now is no way to live. She is finally at peace with things.

Please keep her in your prayers, especially now as we go into the final stages of the illness.

I'm sorry to say that this is the last update that I will be sending.

Please just keep her in your prayers!!

Tana, Scottie, & family

Tana, we certainly will keep your mother in our prayers. Family members can send their messages of caring and love to Josie’s home and the family will see that she gets the mail:

Josephine Rountree
2810 Belmont Dr.
Ocean Springs, MS 39564

Send email to Tana at:

29 August 2009

Hi All!! I know it's been quite a while since I've sent an update & I do apologize, but there really haven't been too many changes.
Mama has decided to extend her stay at the Rehab Facility for another month. She broke her arm about a month ago so the physical therapist hasn't really been able to work with her too much.... Read More...

9 July 2009

Update on Josephine Rountree - July 9, 2009:

Lindy, Nancy, and I visited with Josie on Thursday.  She was having a good day, and we all talked and talked.  Though Josie is still totally dependent on her caregivers, she is maintaining such a wonderful attitude about her illness.  She is just taking it one day at a time and fighting as hard as she can.  She appreciates hearing from family so much.  The new Memories of Carol Villa book has brought her untold pleasure already, and she may wear it out completely.  Do continue to keep Josie in your prayers.

Joyce O’Brien


1 July 2009

Good Morning All!!

Scottie spoke with the dr this morning. The dr said that the CAT scan shows that although Mama's cancer has not spread anymore, her tumors have grown some. ... Read More...

15 June 2009

Hey Everyone!!

Well, Mama has been at the Rehab Facility for 2 weeks now & has adjusted pretty well. The Physical Therapist has been getting her up on a daily basis & even let her roam the hallways on her own in a motorized wheelchair the other day. ... Read More...

6 June 2009

Mama - 6wk update!!

Hi All! Hope everyone is having a good Saturday.

Mama has now been at the Rehab Facility 1 wk yesterday. She seems to be adjusting well to being there. She really likes the physical therapist & looks forward to sessions each day. .... Read More...

27 May 2009

Hi All!!

As of right now, we will moving Mama to the rehab facility in Ocean Springs sometime on Fri. We are really excited about the move because she will be a lot closer to Scottie & I. It will also be a lot easier for the kids to go by & see her a lot more & the best part is we will be able to bring her dog to see her.... Read More...

25 May 2009

Happy Memorial Day to everyone!!

They moved Mama to another room today because she will have a chemo treatment tomorrow. She had the 4th of 10 radiation treatments today....

18 May 2009

Hi All! Hope everyone is well.

They started Mama back on the radiation today. If I understood correctly she will have 1 more treatment for the first round of 10 & then on Wed they will start another round of 10 treatments. ...

17 May 2009

A quick update from Josie’s sister-in-law Joyce O’Brien....

We are very concerned about her [Josie], but she is handling her condition so well.  She continues to be upbeat and ... Read More...

11 May 2009

Hi All!!

Mama's surgery went as the Dr expected. He as able to cut away most of the tumor & free up her spine.... Read More...

9 May 2009

Hi All!!!!

They have called in a neuro surgeon because of the problems that the cancer is causing with Mama's legs. ... Read More...

5 May 2009... more

Hi All!!

Just a quick note to let y'all know that Mama had her 5th of 10 radiations treatments today. Only 5 more to go!!... Read More...

5 May 2009

...Mama is so upbeat & positive & tells everyone that she is gonna beat the cancer!! She had the 5th of 10 radiation treatments today. ... Read More...

3 May 2009

Hey!! Just a quick note to say that Mama has had a quiet weekend. She will resume the radiation treatments tomorrow. .... Read More...

30 April 2009

Hi All!! The doctor did decide to give Mama a dose of chemo today after all. They want to slow down the progression of her cancer. She also had her 2nd radiation treatment to shrink the tumors on her spine. ... Read More...

29 April 2009

Hi All!! Mama had her first radiation treatment today. This was the first of ten treatments total. She did very well, but she was very tired so I left & Scottie stayed with her in hopes that she would get some rest..... Read More...

28 April 2009... more

We just heard from the oncologist.  The cancer isn't the kind that is susceptible to chemo so they will transferring her to Singing River hospital shortly so that they can begin radiation on her first thing in the morning... Read More...

28 April 2009

Good Morning!!

I wanted to let you know that we found out that Mama has cancer....  Read More...

Josephine Rountree

Josephine Pierson O’Brien Rountree was diagnosed just before 28 April 2009 as having cancer. The news here is as reported by her daughter Tana, Wylie Pierson Johnson (Uncle Wylie), and others as received. Josephine "Josie" Pierson O'Brien Rountree is the daughter of Joseph Nathaniel and Dorothy Dixson Johnson O'Brien (Uncle "Joe" and Aunt "Dot").

Love and get well wishes can be sent to her home and the family will see that she gets the mail:
Josephine Rountree
2810 Belmont Dr.
Ocean Springs, MS 39564

You can send email to her daughter Tana Rountree at:
tlr1462(at)yahoo(dot)com